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The pace grew and the moans became loud too.
Tears streamed down Liara’s face.
Before her came the image of Sheppard.
The man she likes.
The man with whom she hoped to spend her first night.

Liara felt that people were slowing down.
Looks like they were at the peak of pleasure.
They made several sharp movements, and suddenly she felt that something warm was filling her from the inside.
They both sighed loudly.
Liara often breathed.
She did not remember when her peak of sexual pleasure was, but apparently she missed it.
She just gasped for breath.
Negro pressed her to his body.
What I like about these aliens-stop as much as you want, but the figs they fly into, said the European, pulling out his penis.
The negro pulled Liara to him to kiss him goodbye.
What are you crying then? Two good uncles just made you a woman! Rejoice! He said, wiping tears from her face.
Liara abruptly opened her eyes.
On the face of the Negro, the shock was frozen — her pupils were completely black.

He realized that he could not move.
Hug an eternity On the basis of a gray mediator, a terrible scream rang out.
Gray mediator read the report on the incident that occurred during the interrogation of Dr. T “Sony.
“During the planned torture of Dr. T” Sony, Lieutenant Smith and Lieutenant Coles abused their powers by engaging in sexual contact with a prisoner.
After graduation, Dr. T. Sonya burned out Lieutenant Smith’s brain, causing instant brain hemorrhage.
According to the doctors, it manifested a genetic disease of a purebred asari, called ardat-yaksi.
The psychological state of Lieutenant Coles shaken after what he saw.
He was placed in the medical corpus.
Dr. T “Sonya was placed in a second-level detention facility.
Responsible for planned torture, Captain Coles was taken into custody.
Records of surveillance cameras have been saved and attached to this letter.
Agent Ferron
My wife is the last whore in this damned city.

Not that she was a slut and slept with anyone, no.
Simply, she is ready to fuck constantly with breaks for food, a toilet and narcissism.
When I picked up Jessica, she was a half-leggish bitch because of her fucked boyfriend programmer.
Making such a gorgeous body languish with desire, instead of turning it with a member inside out, is extremely idiotic.
I never understood these underdeveloped fans of the Internet.
For two and a half years that we are together, I taught Jesse to fuck wherever possible and not using all the openings of her flexible body.
On the basis of fucking, she moved a little, and I don’t know a single thing she couldn’t do for the sake of my fucking her insatiable hollow.
I drove to her men, young macho – her lust enough for everyone.
Once we had a nice chick with a sleek body and languid lecherous eyes.
But when I gave her the most unbeatable, Jessica rushed at her and scratched her face.

There was no less zeal in her than self-interest, and the field of this incident, if I had women, I did not tell my wife about them.
True, after I had my fantastic Jess, I rarely used whores.
Any of them was far away from her.
Jessica had a matchless cunt.
When I saw her worn-out slit, spread apart by a brazenly protruding clitoris, I simply could not resist.
Jessica knew how the look of her swollen vulva acts on men, and was in love with her body, which gave her so much pleasure.
I liked to look at her when we masturbate for a couple before attacking each other.
Her small lips protruded outward on two fingers and reminded me of the fleshy butterfly wings, the hellish doors that slammed behind me when I fell into her supple flesh.
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