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I’ll go buy ice cream, ”Angelina pushed her husband into the side.
He grunted something in response and continued to sleep.
Angelina went to the beach kiosk, which sold drinks, beer and ice cream.
She took with her only a mobile phone.
I bought myself a portion in a waffle cup.

Once in Soviet times, such ice cream was sold for 19 kopecks.
She herself continued to look in the direction of the trio hiding behind the trees.
Some kind of curiosity, stimulated by incomprehensible sexual sensations and tickling between the buttocks, dragged the woman after the stallion’s penis.
Angelina slowly, as if walking, walked along the path to the grove, where the girls hid with a peasant inseminator.
Finally, she disappeared behind the trees from prying eyes at the beach and listened.
Somewhere from behind the bushes came a girlish laughter and vulgar jokes about the penis.
Angelina, crouching, sneaked between the bushes closer to the meadow, which developed the main events for which she was hunting.

Sitting down among the bushes, so that it was not at all visible, Angelina calmed down and quietly parted the branches.
On a small clearing, two girls with bare ass stood against the trees.
The little assimilator fucked one of them from behind with enthusiasm and ecstasy, the second waited for her turn, laughed at the screaming girlfriend and cheered on an obscene language fucker.
Here, the first one sighed and clearly zorgazmirovala, ending with the pleasure of penetration of such a stallion into the vagina.
Then the big cock peasant pulled out of the first one and moved on to the second one, which had already whined from the anticipation of pleasure and bit her lip with impatience.
Angelina herself was excited by the contemplation of this scene.
I missed my hand between my legs and started stroking myself through melting.
Unexpectedly, some strange sniff came to her ears.
She looked to the side and saw the head of a 20-year-old boy above the bushes, who also stared at the clearing, observing the mystery of the trinity.

He swayed rhythmically and moaned.
“Masturbates,” Angelina realized.
Something mischievous girl from a past life played in her, and she quietly whistled.
The guy froze and anxiously turned his head in her direction.
It was about five meters away.
Angelina saw his frightened face and laughed.
She beckoned the guy with her hand and, inserting her index finger into her mouth, pushed them back there.
The guy was shrewd and began to break through the bushes to Angelina, squatting among the vegetation.
Here he stood before her and sent his penis in Angelina sponges.
“Ah, it wasn’t – remember the youth,” – flashed through our heroine’s head and she began to caress the proposed instrument with her tongue and lips.
As if teasing, she grabbed the tip of the head and slightly sucked it off, licking it with her tongue.
The guy was already impatient and snuffled.
Then Angelina opened her mouth and hugged her cock.

Began to move her head, almost completely swallowing the penis and nuzzling the belly of the new lover.
She dropped her mobile phone, clasped the guy with her hands behind the ass and felt an orgasm.
The guy also did not lag behind and soon began to finish Angelina straight into her mouth.
She sucked every drop and licked prick.
Then the guy poked her in the left shoulder and extended: “Everything is clear.
“Angelina had a tattoo on her left shoulder.
Since childhood, she was engaged in playing the violin, she loved this instrument very much, so she made a tattoo on her shoulder from a little-known tattoo artist: a violin with a bow.
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