With Jenny holding the plug and the lube aloft, as though she’d won a prize, I unclipped her shorts, and tugged them down.
She was wearing just a black g string, which quickly followed her shorts.
Bending her over, I lifted her up onto the sink top, and buried my mouth between those glorious round butt cheeks, my tongue seeking and finding her rosebud without delay. Dating site list ukraina.
She loves me licking her there, and now was by no means an exception, especially as my fingers found her slippery pussy and hard little clit.

Pumping my hand into her in time with my licks on her asshole brought her to orgasm quickly and she spurted her juices all over my hand and the sink. Slut spank bad tummy.
This was no time for any of the slow and sensual tantric stuff, so I turned her and pushed my ramrod hard cock deep into her waiting pussy.
I thought her eyes would pop out as my cock head bounced off her cervix, and repeatedly pushed deep into her.

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Her groans of pleasure spurred me on.
She curled her legs around my back and gripped me tight, pulling me even closer to her, so my strokes had to be shorter and faster.
Stroke after stroke brought me closer and closer to my orgasm, and just as I was starting to ejaculate my strands of hot white spunk into her waiting depths, she trembled, and shouting obscenities like I hadn’t heard for ages, came hard and long.

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I kissed her long and hard then, her breasts, still veiled in her white t-shirt pressing against my chest, her long hard nipples telling me just how aroused she still was.
I pushed her back a little onto the worktop, and raised and spread her legs, so she was fully exposed to my view. Transexual mature dating.
Rubbing her juices, mingling with mine as they dripped out of her, I worked them down over her perineum, onto her asshole, and slipped a finger into her, the juices acting as a wonderful lube.

Just to be sure though, I squeezed out a good dose of lube onto the plug, and slid it into her exposed ass. Slut load me wife friend sex.
Its large swollen end popped through with some difficulty, so I told her she could take it out whenever she felt she had had enough of it, but she swore to me that it would stay in until she needed to go to the toilet.

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