I thought it only fair to let you know that I had to inform Phyllis of what I discovered.
” Ed started to protest, but his doorway was suddenly empty.
Regina simply dropped that bomb and left.
What would Phyllis do? Sexy milf sex animated. She was the VP of Human Resources.
Would she feel compelled to report the findings to the President? Despite his very painful bottom, Ed squirmed nervously in his leather chair.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Later that day it happened: a note on Ed’s desk said that Phyllis wanted to see him in her office.

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Ed was getting pretty good at identifying the feeling of dread that suddenly washed over him.
No matter the outcome of this meeting, it wasn’t going to be good.
With that realization, Ed decided to get it over with and he headed straight for the Human Resources department. Dating rituals of the united states.
He stuck his head into Phyllis’ office and said more casually than he felt, “You wanted to see me?” Phyllis looked up and her face was a confused mask to Ed.

She was at once bothered, concerned, curious and amused. Mom handjob slutload.
She was on the phone and Ed was chagrined at having unintentionally interrupted a phone conversation, but she waved him in and indicated a chair for him to sit.
As she wrapped up her phone call, Ed studied the VP of Human Resources. Missnatik mallu hot li ve.
Phyllis was a woman only seven or eight years older than Ed, probably not yet forty years old.

He knew she was very active physically so her appearance could be masking her age.
Still, from past conversations, Ed was confident she was still within his decade of age, the thirties. Free xxx bizare fetish.
Unlike the “robust” Regina, Phyllis had the body of an athlete.

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