She fell forwards, laying herself down on top of Kathleen, groping in the dark for her skirt, pulling it up to her waist, pushing knickers to one side.
She slipped her fingers into the sopping wetness she could feel in the pitch black, one finger then another, thrusting them in and out of her new friend. Tokiohd sexy girls online.
She felt with her tongue for the bump of a clit, sucking it into her mouth, running her tongue over it, circling it over and over.

The finger in her bottom was thrusting faster now as the tongue inside her lapped ever harder. Backroom facial all girls.
She ground her hips down, the pressure on her clit now so much she knew she wouldn’t last much longer.
Seconds later she felt Kathleen bite down onto her as an orgasm ripped through her, the fingers inside her squeezed so tight by Kathleen’s muscles it was almost painful. Female strippers uncensored.

Beth felt hot gasping breaths between her legs, muffled groans coming from her partner, her legs were twitching as the climax took over.
Beth felt a squirt of something coming out of Kathleen and splash over her face. Anne vaucher lesbian.
The taste was sensational and she found herself gulping it down, licking up as much as she could.
It was all too much for Beth now, she felt her own orgasm flying towards her, the pent up days and months of not touching herself combining to make this the most powerful climax she’d ever felt.

Boobs on table.
The naughtiness of what they were doing excited her even more, knowing that at any moment the lights might come on, the lift doors might open.
She screamed out loud as her climax took over her, bright lights flashing in her eyes even though they were closed, the finger in her arse gripped tightly, pulled inwards. Online dating for educated people.
She pushed down with her hips, almost suffocating Kathleen who struggled for breath under her.

Her hands became fists as she felt the sensational joy of her climax, her clit at last being satisfied as the orgasm spread its warmth throughout her whole being. Ebony live web cam.
She collapsed onto the body under her, breathing heavily, chest heaving up and down.
With a jolt, the lift suddenly began moving again.
Beth shot to her feet, wobbling dizzily, reaching out with her hand. Pussy lips flapping.

She helped Kathleen up just as the lights pinged back into life.
She looked at her companion, top soaked to the skin, nipples clearly visible through it, hair still a mess.
Beth glanced down at herself.
She was dressed, her shoes were still on her feet.
“Why is the floor wet?” Kathleen asked suddenly.
“Was it raining that much?” “Erm.
” Beth thought. Erotic lube recipe.
Was it a dream? Was Kathleen pretending?

They both stood there for a moment, unable to look each other in the eyes.