I moved quietly but hastily into the en-suite and peered round the shower curtain.
I was treated to a magnificent sight and I joined her under the shower’s hot spray.
“Good morning, beautiful” I whispered into her ear.
“I was hoping you might join me babe” she replied “I’m feeling really horny this morning”.
“Me too baby” I said whilst moving my hands around her waist and slowly up her body towards her breasts.

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I began to plant soft kisses along her neck.
Meanwhile my hands had reached her breasts and I began to simultaneously play with both her little pink nipples.
They almost immediately hardened under my touch.
“Tom, I want you really bad” She moaned as she began grinding her ass and pussy against my now throbbing cock. Wicked blowjob gif.
The combination of the hot shower and the intense grinding that had started up meant we were both breathing heavily on each other’s necks.

The urge to slam my cock hard into her tight pussy was overwhelming. Dating cougars in ontario.
That’s when I felt her open her legs slightly, inviting me in to her.
“I’m on the pill” she managed to whisper between moans as she sensed my slight hesitation.
That was all the invitation I needed.
I slid my rock hard cock along her soaking pussy teasing her, making her more wanton. Updating spfile.
The tip of my cock played with her swollen, sensitive clitoris.
“Tom, please.

I need you in me!” She begged me.
This practically sent me over the edge in anticipation so I stroked my cock back along her aching pussy to the tight entrance. Fat girls in panties porn.
I proceeded to slowly move the head in so that the whole head rested just inside her.
I waited a few moments to let her adjust to the size.
“Oh my god Tom you feel fucking amazing” She shuddered.
As I pushed my full length slowly inside her she let out a long moan “Ohhhhhhhhhh.
” she cooed.

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Once I was fully inside her I waited a couple of moments before slowly pulling almost all the way out so that once again the head rested just inside her.
“Holy Fuck Tom, smash my pussy right now.
Iv’e never wanted to be filled so bad” She practically screamed as she took up a position where both her hands were up against the shower wall, her ass and pussy pointing up towards me behind her.
“Okay baby, here it comes” I grunted before pushing inside her slightly quicker this time and pulling out again.

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I built up this speed for a minute or so until I was at a speed which had her moaning my name constantly and the satisfying sound of my balls slapping against her ass could be heard.
I had also managed to find her g-spot and I made sure every single time my cock slammed into her it made its way directly to this spot. Cherrybomb18x south african porn pic.

To add to the pleasure I moved my right hand round the front of her sexy body to rub her swollen clitoris whilst my left hand moved around to pinch and tease her hard nipples.
After a couple more minutes of this she was practically collapsing in pleasure so I stopped the pleasure of her nipples in order to support her around her waist, however I kept up the assault on her clit. Pegging shemale.
For the next five minutes I slammed into her at full speed until she let out a huge moan “Oh FUUUUUCK!” She moaned.
“Tom i’m gonna cum!