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Soon Victor N.
looks at Vika’s medical report: she’s completely healthy.
The spiral was taken out days earlier, and the man diligently fills it with his seed.
She distorts the girl from the idea that her whole life will have to depend on his mood, his meager financial handouts and obey tight control.
But you don’t have to choose, everything is decided for her at that very moment when she entered this world of successful people.

Now she is part of him, and not at all the part that controls, rather the one that is controlled.
Therefore, systematically every evening, not excluding the critical days, the girl takes a portion of the sperm of an elderly lover, carefully licking the limp member later.
After sex, kneeling in a shower stall, she conscientiously washes the hanging dignity of a man, then she stands up and runs a sponge all over his body.
In the morning, in his presence, she is checked for the presence of pregnancy and is beaten in the evening whenever the test shows no result.
Vika behaves nervously at work and is often upset about what employees whisper about, seeing how she is lost in the presence of a new director. Webcam teen shower.