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I was like a wild cat bent under his body in seconds of bliss.
It looked very much on my part, but I wanted just such sex, and Sasha was all for it.
Having rested a little with his tongue to my pussy and processed it so much that I almost had an orgasm from his tongue, but he felt it stopped and entered into it with a swollen member.
My mind stirred wreaths on it and I wanted to take it in my mouth, but Sasha firmly held me by the hips and did not let his beast out of me.
A few minutes later I again experienced an orgasm, after which I took his cock in my mouth.

I caressed him to the very base, sometimes swallowing the testicles.
And now I did not have time to enjoy it, as it sprayed a powerful jet on my face.
We were exhausted.
In the morning he silently left my room.

On the nightstand, I found a note with a phone number and a nice little heart, such as children draw in first grade.
The next three nights we spent in the same style.
Then I went home.
My husband greeted me with a bouquet of tulips and a joyful smile.
I accepted his kisses and hugs, but could not reciprocate.
Fortunately, he hardly noticed this and offered me a good rest.
My conscience tormented me for a month.
But for the third year I had taken birth control pills and already this fact was somewhat reassuring.
Then everything died down in the shower.
Sasha did not bother me and I was very happy about it.
I did not save his phone.
A year after the “St. Petersburg adventures” I received a text message from an unfamiliar number.
I pressed the “read” button and after a few seconds I just lost the power of speech: “I am HIV-infected.

Hand over all the necessary tests.
I’m sorry.
This set of letters floated a million times before my eyes.
It seemed to me that life was over and I was on the road to hell.
I took sick leave and went to my mother.
After recognizing my “sin”, she began to calm me down and on the second day she sent me to a clinic for a blood test.
The results of all tests were good, and a little recovering, I returned to work.
And only now, when by chance, I had to work with a project on safe sex, I realized the whole nonsense and disgustingness of my act.
I am waiting.
– Hey.
People will come.
I was 27 years old when my husband Andrew died after an accident.
Sex video of hidden camera.