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Stas lowered his hand in shorts and pulled out a sticking member.
Looking at the girl caressing himself in the hall, he slowly drove his palm along the trunk, imagining that he enters this wet pussy and moves in it with pleasure.
Olga started wagging her hips from excitement and crawling her back on the carpet, as if taking in his penis, from which Stas made her hand faster.
Loud slaps on the tile running bare feet made Stas quickly remove the penis in shorts and turn around to turn in the women’s dressing room.
Ira impatiently flew around the corner.

She did not dry anything, and managed to wear only panties and a short T-shirt, barely reaching below the navel.
The girl leaned her hands on the doorjamb and bent down to the keyhole, not bending her legs.
Her instantly absorbed the process that takes place outside the door.
For some time she, with bated breath, looked into the hall, and then gasped: – Wow, look! Rope! – she turned to Stas and slightly moved, giving him the opportunity to look.
He leaned against the door, at the same time breathing in the scent of wet hair and watching as Olga on the carpet slowly shoved one of the gymnastic rope handles into her pussy.
Thrusting it to its full length, she made a long, low moan.

Immediately, Stas was shoved with a shoulder, pushing away from the door, and Ira began to look again at her coach.
– Ah! Wow! – She immediately gave out when the groans from behind the door became louder.
Stas glanced over to Ira, who unceremoniously took his place.
Schen long slender.
bare legs attract attention, the elastic ass barely half obscure the white panties, exposing the lower part of the smooth round buttocks.
The fabric on the hips is very small.
He walked around behind her.
And in this position is perfectly visible, as the fabric on the crotch fits pussy.
The girl was so stuck to the keyhole that Stas got up from behind and was already frankly staring at her ass.
The girl stood up on her socks and gasped again, forcing the member in the shorts of the young man to move from excitement.
Without hesitation, Stas put his hand in his shorts and took hold of the barrel of his penis.
Looking at the sexy girl from behind, he again began to masturbate slowly, imagining how to pull these thin panties down.
– Wow! She smears something ass! – the girl whispered loudly, not looking up from viewing.
Excited Stas also wanted to see this picture and he approached the girl from the side.
He gently pushed her palm into the bare thigh.

It was possible, of course, to push into the shoulder, but the rounded thigh beckoned to touch him, and Stas could not deny himself the pleasure: – Let me see, he asked.
But the girl angrily swung her hip, pushing away his hand.
Then Stas pushed her thigh harder, but his hand slipped on the smooth skin of the buttocks and fingertips rested exactly on the fabric on the crotch.
Stas froze in surprise, realizing that Ira just stopped.
His palm completely lay on the bare, warm skin of the left buttocks of the elastic ass, and under the fingers through the fabric felt the soft labia.
Ira, in a slightly changed voice, breathed softly: – She.
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