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Leo swept through the alley, and I, remaining seated on a bench, watched him go until his broad back was hidden from sight.
At home, having gotten into a hot bath before going to bed, I again mentally experienced the events of the past day.
Her muscles ached, his ass ached, as if reproaching for every fall that she had to endure in recent days.
In addition to everything else, my new acquaintance did not come out of my head.
“Heavy bastard,” I winced after a rashly deep sigh, “firmly put it, you will not say anything.”

The looming fierce expression of his face resurfaced before his eyes, and was immediately replaced by a wide fanged smile of the Cheshire Cat.
“I will see him again tomorrow,” flashed through my head; for some reason, at this thought, the pulse quickened, and his face was burning.
It’s time to get out, not enough yet to faint from overheating crash.
Approaching the central entrance of the stadium at the appointed time, I saw Leo.

He sat on the parapet, listening to music.
As soon as I saw him, I immediately wanted to turn around and quietly topple – he was wearing a kilt! Yeah.
I can hardly go unnoticed with this type.
However, he had already seen me and waved his hand affably.
We went to the back of the sports complex.
Leo led me to a fenced net with a football goal and a pair of basketball rings.
About thirty meters away I saw another, also fenced site, but with a rollerdrome.
– Why here? – I could not resist the question.
“It’s simple,” Leo reasoned, “there is good coverage here, plenty of free space and no people.”
So the chances of someone crippling you will not.
And I have a place to maneuver, so that if anything – to catch you on the run down! Having settled on a low bench, we began to change shoes.
Out of the corner of my eye, I watched Leo put on his knee pads, and I caught myself trying to look under the edge of the kilt.

Flashing my ears, I immediately straightened myself for strange thoughts, and with all my strength I concentrated on my own shoes.
He finished with equipment first, got up and made a warm-up circle around the playground.
I watched him, mouth open.
How could such a big guy move so easily and gracefully? It seemed that riding was as natural for him as it was for me to just walk.
“Well, the rise, while the backside of the bench did not grow!” With his appearance, my classes became much more productive, even though I continued to move around the area with the grace of a cow on the ice.
The situation with the turn to the right was especially pitiable – every time I got confused in my own legs and strove to stretch out on the asphalt, and each time Leo’s strong hands were ready to catch me.
– Listen, I understood, – this jerk gurgled to the whole district, – you just like to hang on me! Only then, let’s do something like a thread with feelings, otherwise it hangs like a sack of flour and hold it !.
– Shut up, you fool!

I snapped, feeling my face flush with paint and my ears blaze.
– How much can you laugh!? – Of course, I immediately burst out of his hands, my legs were leaving and I plopped on my long-suffering ass.
While I was raised, Leo, without stopping, to tears, rolled with laughter.
The whole tragicomedy of this situation was that he got to the point.
No, I didn’t hang on him on purpose, but every time I found myself in his hands, I experienced an incomparable exciting kaleidoscope of experiences.
It was strange, it was scary, but for some reason I wanted to repeat it.
A few days later I had a dream: I was chased by a huge lion.
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