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The cards started again, Vitka said that he wanted to sleep and left.
I lost again, I had a long kiss, Oleg, winking at the rest of the guys told me: I don’t need to kiss my lips, I took my jeans off and I saw his juicy cock in front of me, I understood what he wanted from me and took his tool in my mouth, closing his eyes and smacking, he began to suck Oleg off a second time.
– Open your eyes, pussy – Oleg told me – look into my eyes.
I obeyed, opening my eyes to his lustful face.
A minute later two more members appeared above me.

One was very long and the second was so thick that I had to open my mouth very much to suck it.
I do not know who was sucking and who was jerking off, everything merged in one sweet moment, I swallowed the sperm, it flowed in my face.
When someone finished in my mouth without taking time to swallow, I took the next young member and sucked without thinking about anything.
The boys sat in a circle, in the middle I was in pigtails, in a blouse and skirt drenched from sperm.
I sucked all one by one and jerked a member, to whom I reached.
I especially remembered one member, on the third lap, I wrapped my arms around him and took him in my mouth, he would have no pubic hair, absolutely bald one, so I opened it so I opened my eyes and saw Vitka.
He moaned and wriggled holding my pigtails, I sucked as if it was wound up just to please him.
Someone fell in behind and stroked my young ass, it gave me unspeakable pleasure, and I was already beginning to shiver with lust when he slowly, savoring every inch of my skin, lifted my skirt and slowly pulled my panties off.
I groaned with pleasure when his tongue penetrated my ass.
I would scream with passion or howl but Vitka would finish in my mouth.
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