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But even better guests will not be worried.
I turn to the guests they are already naked.
God, handsome men were athletic, but the chest the press a waist are not pumped up shoulders, at me all body has started to shudder only from their kind.
Boys for me !!! And damn shaking hips, headed for the bedroom.
Where is my daddy already during, 4 months ex fucked five, six times a day.

I go into the room, I miss the guests, and close the room.
The blacks are standing and looking at me.
I fall before their knees.
The lips quiver in anticipation.
In front of my face three handsome, three members who will visit all the moss holes.
The members were not big and not small in size, 20-25 centimeters and in a volume of about 6-7 centimeters.
I was surrounded, in my eyes the members began to pour blood.
Which is older standing opposite me.
He held out his hand to me, and laid it on my nape.
I could smell it was an animal smell.
Having kissed the head, I walked my tongue and lips along the entire length of this magnificence.

The young ones, who seem to have remained unchallenged, took my hands and laid themselves on the members.
Senior wound up in earnest.
but all the same, all three had some respect in their eyes.
As if making it clear that the catfish will manage well, although all three were no longer people, they were just animals.
The elder began to move his hips, trying to shove a member in my mouth, but he did not succeed.
Boys let me do everything you like.
!!! In their eyes read the agreement.
And I did.
I opened my mouth wide, sticking out the tongue, ran around the entire circumference of the head of the penis and completely swallowed it as far as my mouth allowed.
Elder wheezed he liked my caresses.
And I began to move my mouth along the entire length of the penis, not forgetting to jerk off the young, who also began to wheeze.
Within half an hour of such a riot, I changed, sucked everyone in turn.
I tried to please everyone with my mouth.
And the guests themselves did not forget about me periodically massaging my breasts and nipples.

So the eldest picked me up from the floor and literally threw me in the air and threw me a bed.
I fell on my back, next to him lay a negro who is older and put me on myself.
I grabbed his dick and sent in her pussy that was already burning with excitement.
I felt that another member had touched the anus.
And he began to squeeze my ass stretching the anus.
it was painful, but my daddy was tolerantly clever and had developed my anus beforehand and I had lubricated him before the guests beforehand.
And what would I not screaming in front of my face began to sway another member and I immediately also swallowed him.
And they began to pull me from three sides at the same time.
What a bliss, three members moving at the same time.
Making my whole body shudder in an incredible convulsion after five minutes, I began to cum.
Yes, yes, yes, yes, I’m finishing, I’m finishing with you! and I flew away, feeling the three pistons working in me.
The first time they began to finish in about an hour, they finished almost simultaneously filling all my depths.

I felt hot sperm burst into my gut and flow far inwards.
My mouth was choking, but I was able to swallow everything without dropping a bit.
A pussy, convulsing, convulsed, very tightly clutching a member of the senior.
The members left the ass and mouth, and I could give myself the whole pleasure.
And I gave myself.
Skipped like mad.
Proclaiming the whole room about how good I am.
The elder decided to change position and the next second lay face down on the bed.
I was raised by the hips, so I couldn’t even reach my bed with my legs and the dick fell into me again.
and the Negro holding me in the air began to drive the penis out of full swing.
As I was fine, I hung out like a doll.
Out of the corner of my eye, I saw young blacks standing by and jerking off their members, looking at how a young woman was hanging in the air, and squealing from the fact that she was being fucked from all over.
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