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Tears flowed down her cheeks, after each blow I let her catch her breath, but she did not forget to count.
So having reached 20 blows, I moved to admire the result of my efforts.
All her butt became red, her hips were in traces of the belt, her pussy glistened with grease.
I walked over, put the belt to her, lifted her chin with a hand, looked into her eyes.
– What should I say? – Thank you, Mr. I kissed her on the lips, not lifting him from his knees, led her to the bed, he sat on the bed, so that my standing member was in front of her face.

She looked into my eyes, then took my penis with her hand, did not jerk him off much, and then took them in her mouth.
She didn’t particularly know how to suck, but she compensated for this with diligence, working her head steadily, sometimes trying to completely swallow my dick, but she didn’t really work it out, but caressed my testicles with her hand.

It lasted about five minutes.
Then I pulled a member out of her mouth.
– And now I want you to work the language – How exactly? – Kate looked at me in surprise.
– Lick my dick, from the base to the head.
She stuck out her tongue and licked my cock, first the trunk, and when she reached the head she didn’t resolutely stop.
I pressed a little hand on her head, and he ran the head member of her tongue.
– Lie better – I ordered, now she herself licked the head of my penis.
– Once again – now she has walked on the head with her whole tongue from beginning to end.
Her tongue was pleasantly rough, so I immediately wanted to finish.
I pressed her neck, so that she again swallowed my dick.
After a couple of minutes, feeling that I was approaching the finish line, she pulled away from my penis, lifted her tits with her hands, apparently hoping that I would end up on her chest.
“No, that won’t do,” I said, pushing the back of her head again.
– Well, please, just not in your mouth – Katya begged, But with one hand I pressed her back on the head and with the other I pressed her jaw so that she would open her mouth and put her cock in her mouth until the very end, Katya I began to choke and with my hands rest on my stomach.

Having waited half a minute, I loosened my grip, letting her pull back a little and take a breath, and then again put her head on her dick to the stop, then let go of her head, giving her a chance to catch her breath.
– What are you going to swallow catfish or help you? – Itself – And apparently fearing that I change my mind quickly took my dick in my mouth.
– Work your tongue – Katya quickly took my dick out of her mouth and began to lick the head, while faithfully looking into my eyes.
Losing three times, she again swallowed my dick, but managed to make just a couple of movements, as I was discharged into her mouth.
Hot jet hit her in the throat.
Katya humbly swallowed everything, and then she licked the head of the catfish, and not much sucked it, pulling the last drop of sperm from my cock.
– Well done – only I could say – Previously swallowed sperm? – No, sir – Katya, it seems, she has already begun to accept her role as a slave.

I got up, poured myself brandy, drank.
Then he poured a little Kati, she rinsed his mouth with it, and then swallowed him with a wry face.
I gave her a chocolate snack.
– Well, we must continue, your training.
– I said gently.
– How to order mr.
– It was evident that under the action of alcohol, she relaxed, and ceased to perceive critically everything that happens.
– Get up – Katya rose in silence, although she was not much uncomfortable because of her tied legs.
I took the rope, and wrapped a couple of turns around the left thigh in the place where the priest went on leg (gluteal region), then took her left wrist and wrapped it first, made a couple more turns around the leg and wrist, so that her hand was now tightly tied to her leg (thigh).
Then he did it with the second leg.
Kate looked with curiosity and caution, faithful looking into my eyes.
– What else will you do with me? – Her voice sounded, already somehow playful, it was evident that she was already beginning to get involved in the game that I imposed on her.

“You will like it – having said this, I took her chin and gently kissed her, with my second hand I ran my finger over her vagina, it was hot and humid.
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