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Sergey threw her a bag with stockings – Get dressed! Having sat down on the steps, Lena began to stretch black tight stockings on her legs and, putting them on, she attached them to her belt.
The result was a very sexy picture, Lena noted to herself.
In the middle of a dark dirty toilet stood a white nude woman.
Long black legs, pulled into tight stockings, then large white thighs and a black triangle of hair on her pussy.
And above the round tummy with a black stripe belt and white breasts with excited nipples drooped like two big melons.

It was really a sexual spectacle, and the members of the men began to rise vertically and one of them began to jerk off his dick right before the woman’s eyes.
Attention of the men was pleasant to Lena and she, continuing the show, took a sexual pose, slightly sitting down with legs, putting her pubis forward, and spreading the lips of her pussy widely on her fingers, revealing a pink, juice-wet bud of the pinched sponges showed everyone the red insides.
– Great, whore! We are happy with you! – said Sergey – And we will complete your outfit with this detail.
– with these words he put a dog collar around Lena’s neck.
– You do not mind dear? he asked sternly.
– Yes, I like it! – said Lena.
She was not at all against it.
If she really is a whore, then what difference does it make.
Lena was put to the wall and a number of the price list was hung up with the following rates: – Blowjob – 1 dollar, – Fuck in the pussy – 2 dollars, – Fuck in the ass – 3 dollars, And Lenin’s work began. Acer webcam update.