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But the level should have been more difficult.
Yes, yes, the horse also disappeared! He was replaced by iron.
In the distance, a figure in red loomed.
She waved her hand.
I stopped.

– Hi, will you give a ride? There is a forest around the bend.
I bring gifts to my grandmother.
The road is far.
They say wolves live in the forest.
– Sit down.
The girl was wearing a short red skirt, the same topic and an unusual hat.
Something like perching in the front seat, so that the skirt had fought up, for a moment showing the red panties, Red Kep, was the name of my new fellow traveler, quickly rattled: – You know, Kostya, my grandmother lives in the forest.
She works as a forester.
Mom baked pies and sent me to bring her presents, and at Rod the car broke down.
If it were not for you, I don’t know how it came to be.
– Rod is who? – My boyfriend.
But he is so careless.
You have no idea.
Do you have a girlfriend? “No,” I replied, looking at the running road, now at the sparkling knees, Ed.

The girl closed them with a hefty red bag and unzipped the lock.
From there, there was a distinct smell of freshly baked pies.
I was hungry and involuntarily swallowed saliva.
– I have no money.
I’ll give you some ki.
There are many of them.
Having driven to the side of the road, we made a small picnic.
In the glove compartment, there was a bottle of pepsi and a few cups.
Having thoroughly refreshed, we continued the journey.
– Turn here, – the girl has shown.
A winding path led deep into the forest.
– Away, you go? – Kilometers 5, – the girl in red has uncertainly explained.
– I spend you.
Suddenly there are indeed wolves here.
Taking a mount and hanging a red bag with pies on my shoulder, I headed deep into the forest.
Red grabbed my brush and squeezed it tightly, as if fearing that I would leave it.
In the impassable more often Little Red Riding Hood, suddenly shook like an aspen leaf.
– Kostya, I’m scared! Suddenly there are wolves here or worse – bears? – Do not be afraid dear!

I am with you, ”the traveler soothed over the tales, as if by accident putting his hand on her ass,“ I will save you! ” “How sweet it is,” said the Cap, calming down, and suddenly seized upon my male nature, which was sticking out of my pants.
– Do you have red panties and a bra? – I wondered, blushing and blushing, – can I see? – Of course, sweet! To whom — to whom, and to my savior, I simply must show! Soon we were completely naked, and I, in ecstasy, licked the sweet, without a single hair, the little girl in red.
Nalizavlivshis plentifully, grabbed her sweet ass in both hands and thrust his dick into her no less sweet pussy and began to fuck the virgin ardently and passionately.
So much so that the leaves fell in embarrassment from the centuries-old oaks and perennial birch trees.
Having gained plenty, we continued our hard way. After an hour and a little, two travelers stood at a hut on chicken legs.
“Where’s the entrance,” I wondered if I was at the Red Maiden.

“I need to say the password, but I seem to have forgotten it,” she said sadly.
“Hut, hut, stand up to the woods in front of me, in front of me,” said the hero of the tale, very doubtful of the correctness of the password.
There was a heart-rending squeak and the chicken legs began to be extended on hinges.
Having risen to a considerable height, from the bottom of the structure, a ladder fell out, which way, we did not fail to climb inside.
Moreover, Red, rose first, not caring at all about the spectacle that opened before me.
It should be noted that the spectacle was amazing.
Going into the room, I was amazed at the decoration of the room.
In one of the corners there was a black refrigerator, taller than a man.
In another, a TV with a meter diagonal.
The German headset, trimmed with rattan, completed the ensemble.
In the middle of the room there was a large bed, on which lay an old woman in dark glasses and a cap, who was almost hiding her face.
The heart-rending creak again sounded, drowning out the granddaughter’s welcoming speech.

This is the hut, took, the original position.
Polarized windows, invisible from the street, let in enough light, but I was wondering where the electricity was being taken from in this provincial place.
– Hello, Grandma.
It is me, your granddaughter, who brought you presents.
Mom baked pies.
– Hello, granddaughter, – not paying attention to me, the babuska snapped with a bass, – come closer, child.
Feeling that something was amiss, I was ready for an unexpected turn.
When the child approached, the wolf with an almost human face dropped the blanket and tried to grab the girl.
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