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And with every measured push, her stifled whine was heard.
It inflamed him.
He bare her shoulder and put his hand on her small breasts, squeezing tightly.
At the same time, his movements became stronger and more frequent.
Irina began to howl even louder, and he pressed her strongly by the hair and chest to himself began roaring into her with a roar.

It seemed to her that this would never end.
At last he gasped and breathing with fever.
Apparently for a long time he was not with a woman, and besides, he was so pretty and completely owned by him, conquered by him.
He got up and went into the shower.
She sat on the bed with her legs tucked in the ravaged gown of the underbelly watching her current owner and with bitterness realizing that she now completely belongs to him and her life had become a distant tale before.
How to get it back? Jamal came out of the shower with absolutely naked “I love cleanliness and advise you” – he said with a wry grin – “but not now.

Having said this, he walked to the edge of the bed, staring at his prey, unabated.
Irina picked up her legs and sank from such a look.
His penis began to grow in size and slowly rise, he was not yet full of female flesh.
Jamal took her head with both hands and strongly pulled her practically punched her mouth with his dick, she screamed with her mouth full, but at the same time she started to suck him, knowing that the resistance would bring her only more humiliation and pain.
With one hand, holding his leg with the other, he took hold of his trunk, moving the handle along it in rhythm with his head.
The bed tapped to the beat, a room filled with chomping sounds and deep masculine breathing.
After a while he took her hair and began to stick her head on his penis.
Irina even grunted a couple of times choking on them, but he was relentless in seeking complete satisfaction from her.

Groaning deafly, Jamal held her head up without letting go of her hair and let the seed out into her mouth.
Irina, from the surprise of the moment, swallowed a part, and the rest flowed down her chin.
Satisfied, he lay back and closed his eyes.
She remained sitting on the bed, wiping her mouth with the hem of her dress.
Well done – he said – a good girl.
Go wash up and go back to your husband.
I liked you then you will come again.
Crying softly she went a little shaky in the shower.
Having cleaned herself up, she glanced at the torturer lying on the bed and slipped out of the room.
It was an ordinary day, which did not bode well.
In the morning I, as always, had breakfast and went to work.
The working day passed in a sheer run, but in the middle of the day a friend’s bell cut through, which he hadn’t heard for what seemed like forever.
He invited to visit.
In the evening, after the guests, my wife and I went home pretty well.

Our path ran through a wasteland and a small river.
On the banks of the river grew quite extensive thickets of some bushes.
It gets dark early in the autumn, and therefore, although it was about eight o’clock, it was quite dark outside.
We approached the river, and the spouse, looking around, said: wait for me, I quickly.
With these words, she went to the thickets.
In my head, fragments from stories read on the Internet surfaced immediately, and I followed her, unzipping my jeans as I went.
Wife, when I heard that I was going behind me, turned around and wanted to say something, but I forced her to sit down and put her now hard member in my mouth.
She never refused to make a blowjob, especially when she was tipsy.
Soon I felt that I could not hold back any longer, and I held her head.
She impatiently shifted from foot to foot, said, and now let me move away.
I put my hand in her panties, and felt her pussy wet with impatience.

Slightly higher than the venereal tubercle, a slight swelling was felt.
Wife moaned, shifting from foot to foot, and I tilted her and pushed her panties to the side.
Kitty was wet to impossibility.
However, it always happens when my spouse drinks a little wine.
My dick entered this pink softness and began to move there.
Less than a minute, she finished.
I also stopped holding back and threw a jet of sperm straight into her.
Wife with a groan sat down and poured out of her pussy, first a small trickle, and then a small stream.
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