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He cums in it and Sveta remains with a full booty of hot sperm! The relationship ended with Sveta sleeping with one of the sitters, and the fat female smacked the unlucky cable.
Now Sveta has only casual contacts, but she does not regret about Vitalik, although no one licked her well for a long time.
At this moment, the castle rustled – Olesya returned.
The photos brought by Sveta, she liked, and she agreed to a photo session at the weekend.
In the meantime, we were given a small home photo session: first, a naked boy dressed as a girl was first photographed, then kisses, jerking, blowjob, sex, I finished Olesya in my mouth, Olesya in my mouth, and a long kiss with sperm.

Sveta took all this photo, something on the video.
It was clear that Sveta was aroused, and I offered her cunnilingus.
Sveta agreed.
She took off her dress, panties, and, left naked, lay down, legs apart.
I fell to her pussy, brought to orgasm, but did not stop, but continued to caress the girl.

Olesya sat in the chair and looked at us, poddrachivaya its member.
Light looked at her dick and licked, and then beckoned her finger.
Olesya approached her, playing with a rising member.
We got a little group sex.
Sveta left us late at night, wearing a dress on a naked body, and panties, removing in a bag.
I walked naked to our taxi.
At the weekend, we moved to the Light to the country.
Sveta drove behind us in a car. Dasha and Olesya arrived in their car.
The dacha of Sveta is large, enclosed with a solid fence, so that the neighbors could not see or hear us.
Artists undressed to swimsuits, and the three of us undressed.
Dasha and Olesya began painting my Olesya, and Sveta photographed me against the background of nature, and then she asked me to lick it.
Artists were very surprised by our intimate relationships.
They finished at the same time: artists to draw, and Sveta from my language.
Sveta began photographing Olesya, and the painters painted me.

We were waiting for a joint photo session body art.
Then Olesya and I were sent to the bathhouse, to wash off the drawings, since after lunch the drawings will be new, and the rest will start to prepare lunch.
While we bathed and fucked in the bath, dinner was ready, and Vika arrived.
We came out of the bath naked, Light and went naked, the other three girls were in bathing suits.
In this form, we sat down to lunch.
While preparing dinner.
Sveta told about our little group sex.
After lunch, Olesya and I were painted in turns, then it was Vika’s turn.
She took off her swimsuit and put the body under the brush of artists.
I first saw her naked.
Judging by the tan, she also visited the nude beach.
The photo session was long: we were photographed one by one, two by three, in different poses, sometimes very naughty.
Sometimes artists have painted something on us or corrected it.
The last photo looked like this: Vika is on her knees, our members are lying on her shoulders, painted under epaulets.
– Everything – said Vika, took us with Olesya for pussies and led me to the bathhouse.

We washed off the paint, then jerked Vika on the legs: I jerked off to the left, and licked the right one, Olesya, on the contrary.
From the bath we left naked, Vika led us for the pussy.
The girls sat in chairs and sipped wine.
Sveta got up to us for a meeting, went up to Olesya, and they started kissing.
Looking at the two kissing girls, Vika began to actively jerk me off.
We entered the house and started having sex.
Olesya and Sveta were one pair.
They could be taken for a classic couple in love: they were constantly kissing, and they had a living member.
The rest made up the second group.
Three girls with strapped straps: artists over swimsuits, Vika on a naked body.
I haven’t been fucked like that for a long time.
I finished six times.
Cum as usual girls strapon sent to my mouth.
I went to bed naked with artists dressed in pajamas.
Olesya held me by the balls, and Dasha for the pussy.
And in the next room three naked girls slept: Olesya, Sveta and Vika.

Olesya lay in the middle.
Light kept her pussy, and Vika by the balls.
In the morning I woke up from a blowjob.
I sucked my Olesya.
How nice to wake up from a blowjob beloved girl.
There was no one in the room except us.
Seeing that I was awake, Olesya turned into a pose 69.
We finished each other’s mouth almost in sync.
Then we lay there for a long time, kissing, hugging, caressing.
After breakfast we went to the beach.
Immediately beyond the village, we undressed: the artists to swimsuits, the rest naked.
Naked Vika led me behind the pussy, naked Sveta led the pussy to Olesya, and the artists Olesya and Dasha held hands.
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