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But before her efforts were crowned with success, she suffocated in the same way as Alya.
So, it’s Kati’s turn.
By nature, nimble and sharp, she chose to fit herself a way for a blowjob: focusing only on the head and almost paying no attention to the trunk, she began to use all kinds of contact with the plum with quick movements of her tongue.
The sharp tip of the tongue then trembled over the surface, then drilled a bridle, then climbed under the crown, then slapped on the side faces, then tried to crawl into the channel.
One hand Katie quickly walked along the hose, collecting skin folds, and the other did something new: pinched, tickled and scratched large, dense testicles.

At the same time, Katya acted to the detriment of herself: after all, her predecessors used one of her hands to arouse their slits.
Either the redhead turned out to be the most skillful nipple, or the preliminary efforts of the girlfriends worked, but it was under the influence of Katie’s caress that the member began to grow stronger and grow up.
And by the time Katya fell off to the side in impotence, Vitya’s sausage was almost upright and was pretty hard.
Ali’s turn came – it was her who, according to the dispute, had to fuck this young bum.
Turning back to the guy, she caught his organ, tilted him and, touching his head to her vagina, began to very slowly squat.
Katya and Vera, sitting in front of her, continued to annoy themselves, watching the process of immersion.
It was a terrific sight: an infinitely long pink hose, millimeter by millimeter, went between two convex shoulders into thick bushes under the arch of the arch! Ala frowned, groaned, rolled her eyes, mumbled inaudibly, saliva dripping from her mouth, tears from her eyes.
Her friends looked at this scene with quite understandable excitement, but also with surprise and even fear. Boys caught on webcam.