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Yulia, bring one more suit to him and everything else to choose from. ”
Denis’s eyes were hazy again, he swayed.
He felt that he was going to the exit of the store, in the hands of his shopping bag.
Denis looked at himself, it seems, no traces of rapidly spent time.
Was it all awake or just dreamed of? He looked around the hall and noticed that the girl who had served him clearly winked at him.

At the exit, the guard smiled at him as an old acquaintance.
At home it turned out that two suits, two shirts and two ties were packed in a bag.
Everything was top notch.
Shoulder, what kind of profession is this? The key to your life is nomadic, where you will be tomorrow, you do not know.
Wailing – when you are sober in the morning.
(Sergey Knyazev – Shoulder.
(Definitions of the word (Automotive slang).
Of course, I was not born shoulder.
I went through several stages.
I grew up an ordinary girl.
At first it was quite plump.
While the girl is a little plump baby with dimples, it’s funny.
My parents did not mind the soul.
Although they always had no time to deal with me.
But in my gear, toys and cash, I have not been offended since childhood.
Naturally, cash is different.
In childhood I was given money for, and yoghurts (.

Growing up, I began to beg for more money from my parents, but I was already spending it on cocktails, beer and condoms.
But I am very much running ahead in my story.
In preschool childhood, it does not matter what sex a child has, whether he is a boy or a girl, this plump long-haired little tot.
I was just such a peanut.
But in the period when girls begin to take on feminine forms, in middle school, I remained plump and patisky.
All the girlfriends already had breasts and butts, which the boys were staring at.
And I did not have appetizing forms, but I wore braces.
But ha! Well, you know, such pieces of iron on the teeth, to correct the bite.
Just horror! I envied my girlfriend Lyuska, who already had beautiful, in my opinion, breasts, butt and hips.
And no piece of iron on the teeth, even teeth.
I was in love with Lyuska, and often alone I climbed to kiss her, felt her chest and ass, and she screamed like a slaughtered one.
Then I learned that Hollywood actress Sharon Stone as a child was also plain and wore braces.
And then she became famous, after, in the scene where she threw crossed legs in the short skirt (left top right, then fold right top left, or vice versa), and the peasants have a moment that can be seen when throwing the legs.

panties or naked pi 😕 I also became famous in a narrow circle.
About this below.
In general, while I was fat, (because of braces), I read a lot.
We have always had a lot of books at home.
Studied it does not matter, but in literature and Russian is always on.
Our classroom even advised me to go to a school journalism school.
But with age I liked more and more.
We don’t wear braces as a child forever, they’ve finally taken them off, I lost weight, got prettier, in high school I had nice tits and tits and a no less pleasant ass.
This is clearly a band singing about me.
Yes, I was loved, as much they allowed.
were always sexy.
Because already at school I often moved on someone else.
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