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And daddy always watched it and then fucked me ,.
as if it was the last time.
And always finished in my mouth.
His sperm, probably, could be compared with the divine nectar.
And after 1.

5 years in one of the most beautiful days daddy said that everything is built on the islands, and we can take off.
We gathered for almost two months, since the entire office moved to the island.
And we had to stay there to live.
On the day of departure, I dressed as lightly as possible a light dress and nothing more.
My daddy said that he didn’t like underwear.
And he loves to feel my body as it is.
That day came we had to go on a plane.
We flew 1st class, I sat by the window, next was a daddy.
In the next row in the same row were two boys of about 15 years old.
Apparently they were brothers and most likely twins, because in front of them were their father and mother and they were constantly talking about something animatedly.
We flew for quite a long time, the cabin was all asleep.

And I felt the excitement I really wanted sex.
Rather, not even the sex itself, but just suck dick, because I could cum and from the fact that just sucking.
I shook daddy.
And whispered in your ear.
Daddy, your insatiable daughter really wants !!! And run the middle finger in his mouth.
Daddy looked around and began to unbutton his pants fly.
I kissed my daddy and started down.
And it was here that I noticed that our boy neighbors are not sleeping at all.
And they look at what I’m going to suck at my daddy.
By age guys it was clear that they are familiar with sex, at least in theory.
And they understood very well what I would do.
And I got the idea to give them a free porn show.
Here I am already in front of a member, he is already excited.
I touch the head with the tongue and run around its entire circumference, trying to be in such a position that the boys would see everything.
While I was working on my father’s member, I kept looking towards the boys.

Seeing with each of my movements of the tongue, their faces turn crimson.
Toli of shame, toli of excitement.
As I ended up with the second option, I noticed how their hands dropped to their pants and began frantically rubbing them.
I took the head in my mouth and began to suck it all the time, looking at the boys.
Then, after lowering my daddy’s pants, I started helping myself with my hands, massaging eggs with one, and the second masturbating the barrel of a dick, forcing my father to sometimes sob.
Periodically, I went down and sucked daddy’s eggs, delivering even more pleasure to the mind.
And the guys already got their members, and began to masturbate them.
I liked this picture.
Their members were the same somewhere 17 centimeters very beautiful with a not big fleshy head.
And daddy started serving me in the rhythm of my mouth movement.
This meant only one thing, my daddy will soon end.
And so it happened, I wrapped my arms around only one head, and, working with my tongue, I started to get my father’s penis jerked by hand.

Sperm began to spill into my mouth, I deliberately released a few drops, so that the boys could see that daddy cums in my mouth.
When the dick stopped spitting out the sperm, I took off with my dad’s dick and showed the boys my open mouth that was all in daddy’s sperm.
Twisting the tongue, I closed my mouth and swallowed it all in a few sips.
Then she opened again and showed that her mouth was clean.
The boys were shocked.
I said in a whisper.
Boys want to continue the show? !! The boys nodded in agreement and swallowed nervously.
I got up, straightened my dad’s pants.
Then she pulled the straps of the dress to the side and lowered the dress to the waist and showed off her tits.
Played them and pulled their face trying to grab the nipples with her tongue.
Dad had fallen asleep, and I had the opportunity to get up all I wanted.
Just do not wake the cabin.
Webcam shows cleopatra bigboobs.