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And in front pushed to the side, revealing dense vegetation on the vagina.
I love hairy pussies! I am a big fan of thick vegetation in the crotch of a woman.
I do not understand why women and men think that you need to shave your pussy ?! After all, it is the fluff that makes it such a sexually attractive object.
Hairy cunt lures.
Hairy pussy promises pleasure.

That hairy cunt looks like a pussy.
You can’t confuse her with anything.
Have you ever seen a shaved cunt in the pictures of old masters? Or, do not need so far.
Even in glossy magazines, photos with ero-models.
Do they have pussy bald? Nothing like this! Each pubic has at least a small, but fluff.
Cunt: This is the center of the universe.
That’s life.
It’s a pleasure.
This is a fairytale.
This is poetry: Again, I digress.
What am I talking about? Ahhh! Our lady, the divine beauty Alechka, was exactly hairy.
Moreover, with thick black vegetation sticking out even through the laces of her panties.

I wanted her twat.
But Alechka, having adjusted the edges of her panties, already taking a skirt in her hands, covered the subject of my desire, so dear to my eyes, she covered.
Moreover, looking around, she found a blouse, thrown in a fit of passion, and had already lifted her from the floor.
The idea of ​​her became quite clear.
However, in my plans it was not included in any case.
– What’s wrong with you?! Tell you finally? What happened? I offended you with what? – in an endless stream I bombarded her with questions.
There was annoyance, surprise and annoyance in my voice.
Alechka, apparently noticed the whole range of my feelings.
She just gently clung to my body, and conciliatingly said: – Just do not be offended, Alik.
I like you, believe me.
I don’t even know how to tell you this.
-What to say? – You only get me right.
You see, I have never tried “there”: Only now the meaning of her words and behavior began to reach me.

But, it was necessary to somehow clarify.
– There, is it in the vagina? -Yes.
– So you still, like – a virgin? -Not “as if.”
I’m really still a virgin.
And two years that we met with Arthur: He only had me: behind: Oooh! This was the first time in my practice.
Well, I mean a similar situation.
I am generally a big fan of anal sex.
I tried almost all of my partners in their sweet ass.
But so that in front of me sat a naked “virgin in front” and a fucked up behind: This really did not happen to me.
It turned out that this “married” Arthur, for two years naive girl, was fooling her head with words about eternal love and promises to marry.
And at this time he calmly fucked her all over Ivanovo in the ass.
But he didn’t touch the virgin, apparently fearing a jealous brother or Alechka’s parents.
Gee! I already sat down next to Alechka.
The prospect of fucking her in the ass I liked no less than in my pussy.

I never dreamed that the first time you can plant it in the ass.
Usually such “events” are held with already old partners.
And then, many have to slowly prepare for this step, giving getting used to.
And here: -Alechka, my dear: -And do you like this sex? – Alechka turned to face me, bluntly asks me in the eye.
Yes, yes, gentle.
I want you in the ass! I adore you.
I adore your ass: My hands again, having acquired a new confidence, caress Alechka through her panties.
– Promise me that you will not touch “there.”
-You mean hymen? -Yes.
– Of course, gentle, – my voice becomes lower, hoarse, finding ingratiating intonation.
Alechka is already lying on her back, and I, kissing her whole body, finally pulling off her panties.
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