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Galya did not stop oral sex.
She, pulling the base of the phallus with her left hand and squeezing his right buttocks, stuck her face between his legs and her agile tongue reached Maxim’s anus, causing him to startle sweetly.
He frantically grabbed a shock of thick girl’s hair, pulled her to his penis.
He felt that it was time to stop this caress and go to the most active actions, but he was unable to stop this crazy pleasure.
Galya, feeling the extreme excitement of her partner, began to caress his body more slowly, giving him more opportunity to feel the sharpness of such a caress.

She wrapped her lips around his head and slowly, without sudden movements, like a sleeping baby’s nipple, began to suck her.
But Maxim’s excitement reached the limit, he groaned loudly before the shout, and almost gasping for breath, he burst into a hot stream.
Galya felt that this salty stream injected her straight into the throat.
Swallowing it, she almost choked.
Maxim, stretched to exhaustion and experiencing an unusual strong pleasure, watched Galya, holding the penis with his hand, licked his penis, pubis and stomach, where there could be at least one drop of his seed.
From this member Maxim not having time to fall, as he began to grow stronger.
The young man was grateful for the pleasure Galya had given him.
After a few minutes, Maxim felt that he was again very excited.
Lying on the slippery tarp floor of the tent, he began to bathe the black swimming trunks of the girl’s steep thighs.
Galya, tugging at his penis, helped him to the end to take off his swimming trunks, pulling out their legs from them.
I woke up because someone’s tongue caressed my chest, I opened my eyes and saw Inna, she was distracted and said: “Good morning, darling.
Yesterday you forgot about another one of my little holes; you need to fix it urgently. ”
I did not forget, but I left it for dessert, and I tell her, let’s go I need you to tidy up a lot.
And we went to the shower to wash off the remnants of the previous night.
I turned on the water, a warm pleasant rain poured down on us.
Our hands caressed each other, and now I feel like my hand is on her pussy, my girlfriend also caressed my dick.
But here Inna told me: “Now this is not enough for me” – and turning to me showed her ass, then I told Inna: “Stand up with a crustaceum and put your hands on the wall.”
He took Vaseline from the shelf, began to lubricate the anus, slightly inserted a finger smeared with Vaseline into the anus, then smeared the nozzle for the hose of a rubber heater.
He told her: “Relax your ass” and began to slowly insert the tip into the hole.
Then he opened the tap on the hose and lukewarm water began to fill my girl’s body.
After a while, she began to feel discomfort.
What immediately told me.
I started stroking her tummy with my hand, going lower and lower, then gently touched my wet pussy and began to play with the clitoris.
Then I jerked the tip out of the priests.
Strongly squeezed her buttocks, because she was ready to release all the water, and so holding the buttocks, led her to the toilet, led to the toilet, sat and left.
Here she came, lies in the position of the baby in the womb and gives me freedom of action.
I began to move my little finger around her little ring, it began to shrink, pushing my finger inside.
I slowly inserted the little finger inward, then began to make slow circular movements with my whole wrist. Best webcam chat websites.