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In the beginning, Michael was very painful, but very soon, the feeling of pain replaced the feeling of unearthly pleasure.
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Father and son merged into one.

They both got so much buzz from each other that the walls were already trembling.
After fifteen minutes of hard fucking, they both finished, and fell impotently onto the bed.
Then the father has fucked his son more than once.
Then he said that he needed to go to work, and that if he saw him again, kissing his own anus, he would tear him to shreds.
“Jack!”, Sue shouted from the bathroom.
“Could you come for a minute?” Jack got up from the chair and walked to the bathroom door while trying to watch TV, and as a result, he hit the wall painfully with his shoulder.
Cursing this wall and the one who thought to put it here, he opened the door a little and asked: “What happened, mother?” “I need your help,” she replied somehow hopelessly.
Yesterday, while she was driving home, a jeep crashed into her car.

Losing control of the machine, which is tightly spun, his mother broke her right arm.
The fact that she was fastened allowed her to get off only with a broken arm and a pair of bruises.
After spending the night at the hospital, Sue was allowed to return home with a bulky arm band.
Jack, who recently celebrated his majority, was horrified when a policeman called and told about the accident.
He immediately got ready and went to the hospital.
His father was now in another state for business and should have returned no sooner than four months later.
Leaving, he left Jack for the owner in the house.
The son sat near his mother most of the night before taking her home in the morning.
He entered the bathroom, modestly drooping his eyes and looking mostly at the floor.
Sue sat in a warm bath with a broken arm on the edge to keep it dry.
A tear rolled down her cheek due to unsuccessful attempts to do everything with one hand.
Sue’s left hand was badly hurt, so she could not get out of the bath without help.
Taking a fresh towel off the hanger, Jack gently covered his mother’s shoulders.
He slipped out of his slippers and stood behind the mother in the bath to help her, took her hands and gently raised.
She moaned as soon as her body, covered with bruises and abrasions, stiffened, but still got up, almost unsuccessfully trying to hide behind a towel.

She slowly lifted and threw one leg over the bath tap, balancing.
Jack gently supported her, moving his hands forward a bit and touching his mother’s breasts with his palms.
As soon as she, eaten by the pain, got on the floor, she could feel the unmistakable firmness of her son’s erection on her back.
Jack was very embarrassed by his involuntary erection.
He never thought of his mother as a woman.
She was.
for she was his MOTHER.
He also realized for the first time that his mother was a very attractive woman, despite almost forty years.
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