Free web camera software for laptop. Teaches me! What do you know about this? Has she told her little letters — that is, home? Yes, you still.
Yes you are.
I fell silent because Ksenia Eduardovna suddenly fell into a chair and burst into tears.
Female tears, I can not stand.
I do not know what to do with them.
When a woman cries, I feel like a fool, and a bunch of shit at the same time.

– Well.
what are you
Well, you, Ksenia Eduardovna? Well.
got excited a little, well, who does not happen? You this.
Do not be angry if something is wrong.
Ksenia Eduardovna! She sobbed so bitterly that I could not stand it and approached her.
She roared exactly like a little girl: sniffling and smearing all that was possible on the face.
– Well.
please forgive me! I did not mean that.
here already all beauty has smeared.

Ksenia Eduardovna !.
Do you want me to get on my knees? I really perched on my knees.
– Well, what are you.
so how
Forgive me, I did not want to.
– She rushed to lift me.
and we first touched each other.
I do not know what it was: like a spark.
It seems nothing has changed, but.
she was no longer Xenia Eduardovna.
She was a miserable creature, crying next to me, right here, very close.
The distance between us disappeared somewhere, and I touched Xenia Eduardovna by the shoulder.
She did not recoil, and I gave her a little hug.
I really wanted to comfort her.
I wish I didn’t do that.
Feeling warm, Ksenia Eduardovna suddenly poked into my shoulder – and burst into tears twice as strong.
Dumbfounded, I hugged her, stroked her back, over her head, whispered some crap to her – and she mumbled through tears: – Go.

Mother told me: “Ksyushka, don’t go to the director! They will eat you all there! ”And I.
I’m a fool, I thought that I was all luyuyuyuyubyut !.
Favorite student !.
And because they chose, not imposed.
As Ivan Khristoforovich died, so no one wanted, everyone just offered me.
“Our talented, promising.”
And I’m only the second year here.
I thought: if they offer, they will love, support.
And all at all naplevaaaaaaat !.
Children do not care, at all! And they yell at me like a mongrel.
They take for a schoolgirl, they say: “What class are you from, all of yourself?” And I’m twenty-three already.
Geeeeeeeee !.
– Don’t, well, don’t, Ksyush, – I stroked her.
– Do not.
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