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And here guys went into the corridor, discussing something among themselves.
Judging by the roar of the bottles – the evening will not be quite sober, Nick was a little upset.
Yeah, well, forget it, said her inner voice.
The package turned out to be a couple of beers for them and a couple of cocktails for her.
Well, it’s not scary, thought Nick and with pleasure began to consider Danka.

Unlike the large fair-skinned and fair-haired Alik, Danya was a thin brunette with green eyes.
Ever since childhood, Nika liked this type of men, and even now the guys with bright eyes, slim body and dark hair were much more likely to be in her bed than other male members.
Come into the hall, said Nick, closing the bedroom with a blatant mess.
The company gathered around the company and, as it usually happens, they began to look at photos, pictures, demotivators, a lot of cool videos and music that relaxed the guys and Nick, they didn’t even talk about business.
Time passed, it was time to do something.

The desire to leave Nick, more like to sleep than to have sex and she, putting the film, decided to postpone his plan.
Moreover, Alik, despite allusions, was sitting next to her, and Danya was sitting on the couch opposite.
Here the guys started to go out on the street, to smoke before bedtime.
Slightly upset, Nick said: Smoke three at a time, so you don’t run.
They came out, time passed, eyes stuck together.
The guys went in, and Alik immediately went to the couch, capturing the blanket from the sofa.
I sleep, he commented.
Danya silently sat down beside him, finishing his first bottle of beer, the film ended, Danya moved behind Nick and watched the denouement already because of her shoulder.
“All this is somehow boring and not the way I wanted – Nick thought, – and Alik somehow does not burn with desire.
Although I wanted to try it before.
Okay, I will sleep. ”
Cutting down the computer, she asked Danya to turn away from herself.
He did not resist, and Nick just loved to hug from behind.

Here, buried in the shoulder blades, she inhaled the smell of a man.
For a second, she seemed to have lost consciousness, so much was the sudden excitement from this mixture: the fragrance of perfume, the smell of body, cigarettes and alcohol.
It was a blow to her sensitive nose.
Trying to get this smell in as much as possible, Nika stopped controlling herself and breathed often and loudly.
This could not be explained, Danya understood everything.
Turning sharply to Nick, he passionately dug into her lips.
His kiss was gentle and strong at the same time, he slightly grabbed her lower lip with his teeth and Nika’s body was flashed by a bolt of unreal excitement.
Hands walked over each other’s bodies, squeezed, caressed, explored.
Danya pulled away from Nicky, stretching his hands to his hips, he pulled off his shorts.
Without letting it come to his senses, he simply entered her and began to fuck.
It was to fuck, hard, squeezing to the pain the shoulders, hands, digging into the lips, with a strong lift of her legs as he was comfortable.

Nicky flashed only one thought – how did he know that with me it should be ??? Having finished the second time, she pushed Danya off, turned over and knelt, leaning on the back of the sofa with her hands, the guy fell in behind and continued his frantic rhythm, this time crushing the ass and hips of Nika.
Orgasms overtook her one by one, each time, in a new way covering her consciousness with veil.
And only Alik’s voice pulled them out of this amazing race.
You are either quieter there or I join, he said.
Nick pulled away from Dani and lay on her side, back to her partner.
Alik at this time went to the kitchen, and came back, calmly headed for his couch.
Niki’s disappointment was heard in the phrase: “So you were joking about joining?” – Do you need this? – asked Alik.
– Yes.
– with a gasp answered Nick, and had already begun to forget, as Danka entered her from behind and slowly introduced the penis into her wet, having finished her pussy several times.

Female masturbation filmed on hidden camera.