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His forehead was still serene and pale.
After taking the history, he gave the usual instructions for himself and for Gail to get undressed below the waist and go to the gynecological chair.
She obeyed excitedly.
This was Glen’s first patient with these symptoms, and he trembled.
When Gail asked him to massage her clit, Glen was dizzy from the sight of her genitals, who asked for his pleasure.

– Do you want to experience an orgasm from my massage? he asked in a colder voice.
“I would be very grateful to you,” said Gayle, as if nothing had happened.
A miracle was unfolded before Glen’s eyes, on which Gail’s beautiful face was superimposed.
He suddenly thought that if he would massage the clitoris not with a finger smeared in a lubricant, but with the tongue, the patient, perhaps, would not notice the difference if she did not touch her lips and face. 99faerie99 bongacam.