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For this, Glashka, with her lush, fattened ass, sat on her nicely rounded breasts, facing me, leaned forward slightly, put her soft hands on the very bottom of the French belly and with her thumbs began to massage the very foundation of her pussy, where every woman has a cherished tubercle, igniting that with a woman you can do anything.
It worked right away – the hips of the beauty began to contract strongly, she quickly and intermittently breathed, stretched out her arms, grabbed the sheets, began to podmhivat stronger and stronger, and in the most acutely unbearable moment of pleasure shouted in Russian: Ebi, fuck me, male.
“Wow, know Glashka and you taught the Frenchwoman something,” I thought, stepping up the pace at the request of the lady who was frantically waving at me.
Glaška, having done her job, got down from mamzeli and was unable to cope with herself, lay back and began to paw herself between her legs.
Sweet moans filled not only this room, but also the whole house, it seems.

Soon, when I felt that I was also about to reach the peak of my pleasure and remembering my Parisian youth, I grabbed the dick with both hands, took it out of the already relaxed womb, and frantically fought, poured semen on the breast and breast of the mamzeli.

Glashka, getting up, opened her mouth in surprise, watching the Frenchwoman, with a lecherous smile on her face, half-closed her eyes, began, like the most precious perfume, to spread my seed on my body, rubbing it into my papillae, tummy, hips.
I myself was not able to tear my eyes away from this charming act.
It’s nice when your seed is taken as a precious gift.
What she was pleased at this moment.
Her whole appearance said one thing – I just fucked very well.
Then she got out of bed and disappeared into the toilet room with apologies, soon there was a splash of water, and Glashka excitedly breathed over my ear, touching me with her big boobs: Barin, I couldn’t take it.
come on now me.
I threw Glashka on the bed, crushed her under me and, taking advantage of Mademoiselle Sophie’s absence, decided before proceeding with the matter, questioning her with a passion — how could she, whore, become such a libertine such a sweet life.
Well, Glashka, answer your master as to the spirit, well you are with her – I pointed with my eyes to the door of the toilet room.
Oh, my sin, but I must confess, passion is as good as it is, but with you today was a hundred times better.
And how are you with her sniffed?

Barin! – Glashka begged me, trying to spread her legs and pull closer to me. Answer, I will lie on your log until you confess – I said sternly, pressing Glashkino tightly knit body down a featherbag, although my desire was already growing with a new force.
At the beginning of the summer, it all started, Glashka said, almost as soon as she appeared in this house.
I began to notice that she was looking at me for a long time, sighing from something.
Then she started inviting me to her room, showing off her beautiful underwear, then asked to try on it and was very worried about it.
I did not agree at first, but it became exciting to me.
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