Webcam recorder.
Only for a split second presented these monsters inside of me and I was already thrown into the heat.
“Butterflies in the stomach” pleasantly revived.
– Very big.
It does not fit, I complained with disappointment, but why are they so strangely called? “They are twin brothers,” Lyosha explained, looking at me with reproach, as if I asked a very obvious fact.
– Therefore, both Arcadia.

– Is not the brothers have different names and the same middle name? – I asked with bewilderment.
“When how,” answered Alex, “when how.”
When you meet these boys closer in the evening, you will understand that one name for two is rather a blessing.
“Something tells me that the boys are not boys at all,” I said, laughing.
“You’re right, as always,” Alyosha purred in my ear and kissed me tightly, “happy birthday!” This time there were a lot of guests.
Last year my son was small and I didn’t celebrate, and this year my grandmother took my child back to me, giving me a chance to come off in full.
What I naturally took advantage of.

The holiday began, like everyone else: Congratulations, gifts, wishes, toasts.
Ate and drank.
They sang in karaoke and danced from the heart.
When the level of degrees drunk alcohol reached the appropriate level, just dancing was not interesting, and on the insistent wish of the male half of the guests, the ladies began to show striptease.
We found Russian folk songs on the Internet and under: “Green maple, curly maple leaf carved” – it started.
Songs replacing each other flowed leisurely river.
Replaced and women.
Some of the girlfriends twisted his long hair, who shook his gorgeous breasts.
The girls turned the wheel and sat on the splits, and especially got used to the image, danced at the imaginary pole.
I also danced, undressed and got my portion of complements.
Dance undressing went off with a bang.
The girls gladly showed themselves, and the men appreciated their spiritual impulses.
True stripped to her panties, so agreed from the beginning, but that was enough.
Naked female breasts, especially when enraged ladies shook her in a fit of passion, acted on men hypnotically.

A strong half of humanity watched the open mouth.
And then, when the tired dancers sat down at the table, someone suggested, let’s play “Twister” Twister is an exciting game that can literally “tie you into a knot”! It is played on a large plastic mat, which is spread on the floor or the ground.
The size of the mat is 150×80.
This mate is like a board game.
It has four rows of six large colored circles: red, yellow, blue, and green.
The tape measure is attached to a square board and serves as a die in the game.
The tape measure is divided into four marked sections: right leg, left leg, right arm, and left arm.
Webcam recorder.