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We offered them to undress, but they refused.
How nice to go naked in the woods for pussy.
Memories washed over me.
I remembered Kate.
I remembered how it all began.

I remembered how she led me to the pussy on the beach for the first time.
On the beach, we continued the photo session.
Just painted us today at a minimum.
Well, in the frame got all the artists and naked Sveta.
It was noisy and fun.
In addition, we swam, sunbathed, ate, drank, played and fucked.
For the first time for our acquaintance I fucked Vika, and Olesya fucked Sveta so much that I began to be a little jealous.
The artists remained in bathing suits and did not participate in the “blatsky” games, but we came off in full.
We had dinner at the cottage.
As usual: two dressed, four naked.
And before going to bed, Olesya and I went for a walk in the village, and then in the forest.
At first we went for the pen, then Olesya took my penis out of the shorts and led me over the pussy.
We vigorously discussed today.

On the outskirts of the village, almost in the forest itself, there was a large house, bypassing it and going deep into the forest, we saw a part of the yard that was not protected by bushes.
There was Ira.
Nothing has changed in it: piercing, tattoos, bald head.
She sucked Doberman.
Then she got up with cancer and Doberman fucked her.
While we watched it, Olesya jerked me off, I finished in the grass, but we did not attach any importance to this.
Olesya removed my dick, we held hands and, silently, went back to the cottage.
How come Ira! Who is her lord or mistress now? Isn’t she already happy? Toward midnight my phone rang.
It was Lena.
She asked to give the phone to Olesya, they talked for a while.
– Lena wants to talk to you – Olesya told me – please go to that cottage.
in the chest.
Mostly from idleness, I sometimes read all sorts of nonsense on the Internet, such as porn stories for onanists, marveling at the inflamed fantasy of some of the authors of these stories, who not only write illiterately, but cannot even express their thoughts on the monitor.

Probably it was this that prompted me to try to write my own story, without having any talent or education for that, for which I apologize in advance, but all the events described by me in the purest water are true.
This happened when I was twenty-four years old and my wife and I went on vacation to her parents in the village.
I knew from my wife that, recently, an aunt of my father-in-law, whom I saw only once at my wedding, three years ago, moved to her parents.
Her relocation to her relatives for permanent residence was due to the fact that, more recently, she had become “ill with her head”, she began to progress sclerosis.
She had no children, the last husband, of whom she had an uncountable number, died several years ago, and my father-in-law turned out to be the closest relative who had charged herself, or rather her mother-in-law, to look after her sclerous aunt.
Aunt Kate, as everyone called her, was already under seventy, she was no different from her peers grandmothers in anything special.

The average fullness, not tall, with wrinkled old woman’s skin and with full gray hair head, which at one time had black hair.
We settled it separately in the annex, because at night in the house she would not let anyone sleep, moving and rearranging the furniture.
From the words of his wife’s parents, she had incredible strength, since she didn’t have much pain except for sclerosis.
On the first day of our arrival, when I met her, I was once again convinced of the correctness of the saying, “that young, that old”.
Aunt Katya did not remember either my wife or me, all of our polite questions about her health, she sweetly childishly smiled at us and constantly asked her father-in-law “who, these uncles with aunt?”.
The first night passed quietly, we slept in the house with the window closed, so we did not hear the noise from furniture movements in the outhouse, especially since our mother-in-law was with her for almost half the night, but the second night was stuffy and my wife and I opened the window.

We didn’t have time to doze off, as in the wing there was a terrible roar, which not only made me sleep, but also my father-in-law picked up in his underpants.
He and I jumped out into the street without dressing and rushed to the outhouse, from where there was a roar.
Bursting inside, we immediately saw the reason for the night alarm, the wardrobe lay on the floor, and Aunt Katya was naively smiling beside him in a long night shirt.
The father-in-law scolded her, and then with my help put the wardrobe into place.
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