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You are gratefully stroking my head.
and I know that you need quite a bit of time to recover and continue our dance in the middle of the sea on a snow-white yacht, which is swimming, despite the thickness of the water and the scorching sun.
He is the only one of all the familiar guys called me the “Sun”.
And this word made me feel so warm in my heart that it seemed that I would take and melt now.
True, I suspected that he did not call me alone so that he appeals to all our girls in this way, but I diligently drove away this nasty, cold and slippery touch.

I was then 19, and he was 22.
Called him.
Let it be Ville.
I still will not tell you the real name, and, frankly, this common Russian name does not fit with the typical Scandinavian, “Viking” appearance of the main character of this story.
Mentally, I called him the Viking.
Bright blonde hair released below the shoulder blades (completely natural, no dye), eyes — sometimes gray, sometimes blue, wheat-colored, broad eyebrows, low overhanging over eyes, a small nose with a round tip, a narrow mouth with rather full lips, red mustaches, growing like a down and turning into a beard of the same “rusty” hue.

Growth Ville was much above average, was distinguished by broad shoulders and generally strong addition.
He knew how to place and have fun, he was always in a good mood, he treated everyone kindly.
Naturally, Ville did not have a rebound from the girls.
He wore, as usual, a leather jacket, under it – a T-shirt with the image of some metal band, jeans and berets.
When this cheerful handsome man appeared in the company (with a constant can of beer in his hand), inside I always had something sweetly startled.
He always approached me, beaming a smile out of small, even, beautiful teeth, and greeting him, kissing none other than his lips.
At such moments, I almost fainted from happiness.
I tried not to show Ville what I liked him: I didn’t want him to feel another “victory” and included me into the army of his fans.
Although, hand on heart, I could say that he still would not have done so.
Ville had a special attitude to me – probably because I was very different from other girls.
Conversations with my friends Ville, as a rule, led “about nothing”, more and more teasing them and laughing.

With me, he could sit in a courtyard for hours and talk on “eternal” topics.
In addition, when I tried, he tried to follow his speech and generally kept differently.
Maybe he was even a little afraid of me, my restraint and even coldness, which I did not see in any of our girls.
Of course, all of the above features were feasible.
I just wanted to shut my wounded soul from evil people.
And although Ville did not treat such people, I was still very much afraid that, by showing him my true nature and my attitude towards him, I would hurt myself a lot.
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