Female webcam. Well, enough! No more strength!” : The major, where Alla lives, knew: He was holding a beauty with Alla. He ran from the bathroom to the kitchen.
“Ah, Alla! Not enough for me, everything is not enough!” : Major of all operas collected: “No, Sam! We need to eat!” “I’m full!” “Please do not lie! So you can say goodbye!” : Steps on the stairs, steps: And in the cups of coffee is already smoking, In the plates – the buns are sweet.
Lightning flashes outside the window:: Sam! Please, run !.
10 Major woke up long ago.
The major was looking out the window.
Major is not easy.

The major thought: “Life is crap!” The major, where Alla lives, knew, He interpreted with the district police officer.
Major of all the operas collected, He gave them weapons.
It was still dark, more lightning, The major did not sit down with the group, they entered the porch, the major got into the elevator, And the group ran up the stairs.
Steps on the stairs, steps.
Sam! Please, run! After all, you even didn’t even know, Major spent like evening! The ringing in the ears resounded with a roar, Alla’s heart suddenly pricked.
She to the door: “Who?” “Precinct”.
Alla threw back the bolts.
Eight people entered the apartment.
Major in the kitchen with the policeman.
“Are you Sam?” , “Yes, Sam.”
“You are arrested.”

Epilogue Autumn is golden.
In the trees, the sun, playing, All the foliage in yellow-red color Will paint, and there is no summer.
The sun is not so high now, Bylinas in the fields of wormwood.
Deep sky
Everything is calm.
Snooping around the clearing mouse.
And the harvest has already been gathered, All animals helped people: Squirrels – mushrooms, hares – carrots, And Uncle Van – a box of vodka! Ezhikhi apples dragged: In short, the animals helped.
I walked in the forest, the Kuzminsky forest, Shursh in the avenues of fallen leaves.
Not those years, the country is different, I went, remembering the poem.
How much time has passed since Sam hurried to the subway! I sometimes miss them, But in their lives – I do not fit.
Though I want to know what happened next? How the fuck is it? My reader, I will reveal the secret: The writer who created the heroes, He must always let them go, To live life further for them Without instructions, without prompts, Without our keen eyes with you.
How would you yourself treat, To the fact that you were monitored? And your life, all inside out, They used to write early in the morning? Here is something: Time has run, let Sam and Alla live.
With my mind, with my share: But, why do I with anguish Again, remember the poem?

I want to know what I do not know? In the distance, the leaves were rustling, Oh, my God! After all, this is Alla! Under the handle of a son of ten, And next – a girl.
Look! We stopped.
Shout what? I’m trembling all over, oh, what’s this ?! A girl of three, not more: I look at them, in the eyes to the pain.
Screaming girl: “Dad, Dad!” Suddenly a paw rose up near the spruce, And to them, with a herbarium of leaves, Suddenly Sam came out, walking like a fox.
He hugged the family, kissing everyone, The girl, obviously, spoiling, He sat down on his neck, And happily swam forward.
Female webcam.