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Uncle Kostya then tried to accelerate the pace, then again pressed me to the ground, lay down on top and pressed with all his might, kissing my neck and stroking my hands.
Reed rustled to our right.
It was clear from the crunch that someone was approaching us.
Uncle Kostya covered me with himself, and I turned away to the other side.
“Bone,” came a male voice.

– Oh, is it you, Ivan? – answered Uncle Kostya.
“Are the cigarettes rich?” I turned my head towards the man who was talking to Uncle Kostya.
It was the same Ivan, who met us on the way here.
The one who lay on Sergei.
– Take in the package, there is a whole pack.
I don’t want to get the dick out of the guy.
– Yeah of course.
Ivan was naked.
The plump body was covered with black hair, the penis was medium sized.
The man took the cigarettes.
– Thank.
And who is this? – asked a curious guest.
– The nephew came to visit.
– Clear.
Well, all of you, guys, – said Ivan and left.

“Good man,” I said.
“Yes, very much,” Uncle Kostya answered and continued to ram my ass with his hard cock.
The amplitude increased.
Uncle Kostya pushed his end into me harder and deeper, and I dug my teeth into the bedspread and tolerated a mixture of pain and incomprehensible pleasure that poured inside the pelvis.
It seemed that something was about to happen, something had to explode inside, but this moment was delayed further and further.
Slap pubic about my ass spread around.
Uncle Kostya worked with all his might, and he felt his sweat running down my back.
I was already beginning to think that it would rather be over.
Several sharp movements, and the member freezes, and then begins to convulse in me.
Uncle Kostya falls on me and presses me to him.
A pair of movements, and Uncle Kostya ends.
I feel something hot flowing into me, a lot of it.
The member slowly becomes soft.
Uncle Kostya gets up from me, takes his hand to the penis and slowly takes it out of my insides.

It is done.
I just got fucked in the ass by my own uncle.
We lay and looked at the tree hanging over us.
Uncle Kostya stroked my stomach, in the balls, gently touched the penis.
My cock slowly grew in size, not waiting for the moment when the penis would become hard, Uncle Kostya slid down and took it in his mouth.
The member instantly got stronger and was already ready to caress.
It all took a minute, and now I’ve finished in my uncle’s mouth, who was spitting out streams of my seed to the side.
Having played a little with a member, Uncle Kostya lay down next to him and started kissing his nipples.
The apartment was cool.
Uncle Kostya was sitting in a deep and easy chair in front of the TV.
I fell on my knees in front of him and polished my lips and tongue with a chic hard cock.
Jerking him with my hands and touching the tip of the head with my tongue, I felt Uncle Kostya twitching at the touch.

I licked the eggs of a man, ran my tongue along the trunk – from the bottom to the tip of the head.
A stone cock erupted in my mouth with thick sperm, warm, and sweet.
I did not utter a single drop, but I swallowed up everything that was erupted outside of the very depths of the giant eggs.
Uncle Kostya stroked my head, ran my hand through my neck.
These were moments when sweet waves of desire and excitement rolled through my body.
Uncle Kostya put me on cancer, smeared my anus with a finger, which had a thick lubricant, and then slowly but surely entered me, firmly grabbed my thighs and pierced my dick, which a few minutes later poured into me with a new portion of sperm.
I walked around the apartment, sat, lay, and felt the seed of my uncle running down my feet and stroking me, kissing my nipples, bringing me to new arousal.
In the morning, on Sunday, I woke up from the fact that my dick was already in the mouth of a man.

I finished quickly.
My uncle swallowed half and handed the other half to me during the kiss.
Now I have tasted my own sperm.
It was raining outside the window.
It became very cold and I had to close the windows.
Shower, coffee, cigarette.
All day we lay on the couch, watching TV.
The next day, early in the morning, I had to leave.
For lunch, we drank some vodka, sat in the kitchen, and then moved into the bedroom.
A member entered my ass with no problems.
I saddled Uncle Kostya, who was lying on the bed, and he lifted himself on him and fucked himself with his member.
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