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When they are all assembled, they will have to share their thoughts that they are not being fed or watered now, although they have such an opportunity.
The girl got up and slowly began to walk, which helped to finally wake up.
Maxim finally looked away from the scrotum and wished Masha good morning, to which she laughed hysterically, falling on her knees and clasping her head with her hands.
If Kostya or Igor were near, any of them would notice that passions are heating up, but there was no reason for laughter to Maxim.
If he took his eyes off the eggs, he was still there in his thoughts.

And he felt that his cock wants to throw sperm.
The guy sat down next to the girl and wrapped his arms around her shoulders.
When Masha calmed down, she asked: – Did they do the same to you as Igor? – Yes, – said Maxim.
– Can I feel it? The girl asked.
The guy’s answer was the same as the previous one.
Masha put her hand between his legs and slowly began to stroke her finger on the scrotum, gently pressing them.

She felt between the eggs, on the greatly increased size of which was surprised, a solid square, which, apparently, was attached to the root of the penis.
The girl carefully groped him, although she did not understand why.
At this time, Maxim’s member quivered and finally got up.
The girl smiled and took him in her hand, gently drove her and the tongue walked over the open head.
The girl was only in the chamber with Igor and Kostya, and Maxim had to rush alone in the four walls, until they were attached to the wall and the creature did not start pulling sperm from it.
Because the lovers managed to miss each other.
Masha swallowed the penis in half and tried to squeeze in to the chin to rest on the eggs, which eventually turned out.
Maxim stroked her friend and brought her hand up to her pussy, when touched, her fingers became wet.
The girl removed her head from the penis and threw the guy’s torso back, which hung on her hands on the floor, and Masha sat on top and the penis began to enter the crack.

After the soft and thick members of the creatures, it seemed to be steel, which gave slightly forgotten sensations and excited nerves.
The girl put her hands on Maxim’s chest and began to jump quickly, marveling at such haste.
Her breasts swayed, but one guy in the embrace of one hand pressed the guy, remaining to see on one, and to the second he clung to his mouth.
The member stood firmly and seemed to be trying to get even deeper than he entered all the way.
Maxim began to move his pelvis himself, but together the lovers did not act for long as they interfered with each other.
The guy decided to act on his own and had to change his position: the girl fell on her knees and rested her elbows on the floor, sticking out her ass, where the penis immediately squeezed and was soon able to penetrate.
Maxim was red-hot from excitement and immediately began to quickly fuck Masha.
When touched with her elastic buttocks, pleasant slaps were heard.
The guy felt that the eggs are taking sperm and are ready to throw out of the penis, as he felt pain in his head.

And the closer it came to the end, the more the head ached.
The pain became unbearable and Maxim collapsed to the floor, holding his head with his hands and moaning through his teeth.
Masha turned to him and put her hand on his shoulder, saying something.
But the guy heard only the thunder in the skull.
Giants pushed Igor into a standard-type room and left.
In the room was a naked woman, if these creatures can be called so.
She lost no time in front of the man on her knees, put her hand on the eggs, lifting the penis with her fingertips and put the open head in her mouth.
With all their might, caressing the tips of the tongue, the creature was able to raise the penis and immediately began to stick the trunk all the way, sometimes managing to grab both eggs in the mouth.
The woman turned her head, plunging the dick to the throat in all sorts of ways: then he went straight, not touching anything, then rested on his cheek, pulling heavily, then rubbed on the palate, or fell under the tongue and his bottom caressed on the head.

Igor could not restrain himself and grabbed the creature’s head with his hands for a soft coral covering instead of hair.
He began to move himself and, fucking the thing in his mouth, got some pleasure, especially from the fact that she sometimes did not have enough air.
The guy raised the creature from its knees and bent to the wall, pushing the member between her legs and attaching to her pussy.
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