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He gave the last money (and the risk was worth it!) So that even for the time of his brother they would be placed in a psychiatric hospital, because he only wanted the best for him.
The administrator of course played a significant role in this matter.
Now, it remained only to wait until he was completely knocked out of the pill.
Sometimes, lying in bed at night in complete solitude or with some whore, he thought what he had done.
He did not understand himself, did not realize what was going on with him.

How could substitute a younger brother? He envied him all the time: Jinja took all the girls away from him, he studied better than him, he had more friends, he was more loved in the family.
But, having at least some money, Bill bought cheap prostitutes and recouped them, representing Ginger in their place.
Each time he went farther and farther and often tapped his bedding and always fucked them in the ass.
It was not enough to get a notice of pregnancy from some whores.
In general, he was not cruel by nature, just something happened to him.
He lay there and thought that the next morning he would fix everything, however, he woke up by a completely different person: An insensitive money-clottoman.

Kitty, showing the administration passport, walked with an orderly to the patient’s ward.
She asked how Ginger behaved, and he said it was too calm.
When he was taken away, wearing a straitjacket, Kitty hugged him and kissed him on the lips in front of sitting beside Johnson.
As if about his existence at that moment she forgot.
She really wanted Ginger, each time more and more and the thought that now her fucking car will be taken away, brought her to tears of excitement.
He was beating him, and Kitty was pressing herself closer and closer to him, saying how much she loved him.
Now she saw him again.
He lay quietly tied on the bed – some sort of board, a semblance of a table.
The orderly untied his legs and arms and left, locking the door at the request of Kitty.
In general, the rules of this did not allow, but it seems that he was supportive of this couple, besides the administration, Kitty said that she was pregnant by Ginger.
When she entered the ward, her ideas about the mental hospital were once again confirmed.
These were really soft white walls with screwed-in light bulbs in the ceiling.
It smelled strangely, probably, with medicines.
She hugged Ginger very tightly.
– I am pregnant.
Probably, from John He looked at her and knelt, lifting up Kitty’s blouse and gently running his hand over the bulging tummy.
– How do you know that this is not our child with you? – he leaned his head against his stomach, as if listening.

Kitty could not stand it.
She began to stroke his dark hair, feeling the growing excitement.
Jinj got up and leaned close to her.
He pressed his colorless lips to her red, puffy lips and abruptly threw herself on this hard, table-like bed, pressing her hands to the table.
He stroked her shoulders with his hands, then slid some callused, coarse fingers into the girl’s mouth.
She began to suck and lick them, feeling the tension of a partner downstairs.
She remembered cheating Johnson with him a couple of times and swallowing his hand even more greedily.
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