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The boy began to lick the vagina of the head teacher.
She held him by the back of his head, not letting his head be removed.
Bear licked outside, walked his tongue over his lips, then penetrated his tongue into the wet brackish depth.
The teacher breathed loudly, then began to moan.
Suddenly she grabbed the student by the hair on the back of his head and squeezed his face even more tightly into his face.

He could not breathe and he tried to free himself, but Anna Konstantinovna held tight.
With her free hand she began to squeeze her chest right through the clothes.
– Yeah.
Lick me.
You perfectly lick pizduuuu.
Good oh oh.
Put your tongue in me.
Shake your tongue in my twat-oh-oh.
Faster eee.
The teacher finished right in front of Mishka.
While she came to, the boy tried to sneak away, but the door was locked – Where are you going to? Well come here.
Bear reluctantly and fearfully approached the head teacher on a table.
“When you spied on the girls, did you jerk off?” – Anna Konstantinovna.
– Answer when asked! – N-no.
– You’re lying, brat.
Admit it, jerk off ?! – No.
I just watched.
– Come on, show me your dick. The woman took Mishka with her hand by the dick and pulled her to her.

Then she climbed off the table and crouched in front of a naked boy.
– Yes, your wife has already grown.
The woman’s warm, skillful hand swept the teen’s dick, the fingers of the other hand tickling the scrotum.
The voice has become tender, movements – soft and enticing.
– What is your beautiful pisyun.
No, not pisyun, now you have a real member.
Big, hard as steel.
A real, big, hot dick.
Any woman dreams of such a thing.
Oh, what a handsome man.
See how he shudders, how he wants.
Well now I will give him what he wants.
The teacher’s hand began to move along the penis – back and forth, the other gripped and squeezed the pupil’s testicles.
– Anna Konstantinovna – Mishka’s voice was trembling, he was scared, but he really wanted this to continue – Calm down, Misha, everything is fine, everything is fine.
You made me happy, and I will make you.
Do not worry, I’m doing everything right.
I know how to do it right. Anna Konstantinovna’s hand pulled the skin of a non-teen member back, exposing the scarlet head.
Mishkina prick swung in any five sentiments in the face of the head teacher.
Suddenly, the woman licked her, licked a drop coming out of the hole – Anna Konstantinovna, what are you doing? ,,, – Shut up, you fool, you will see now – and the member has completely disappeared in the mouth of the strict teacher.

Yes, this seventh grader has not yet experienced.
Anna Konstantinovna sucked with delight, felt a considerable experience.
Her lips, compressed by a tight ring, slid up and down, and up and down the trunk again, then her tongue tickled her bridle under a tense head, her lips enveloped her head, allowing her to almost completely slip out of tight embraces, then suddenly her tongue and palate began to roll then he literally started to chew, squeezing and biting his teeth hard but gently, biting his teeth, then the teacher, pulling in his cheeks, created a vacuum, then swallowed the whole member, so that he climbed into the throat, then began to penetrate with the tip of the tongue into the hole can ala
The right hand of the head teacher lay on the basis of a member, the left did not let out the scrotum of a teenager.
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