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Stop car breaking.
Now let’s go, quietly talk on the topic of debt and return you to the place.
And shut up, don’t squeal.
Roma, calm her down, hold it so as not to kick.
– Take your hands off me, resisted Lucy.

“Did you tell a creditor such a lover?” – I turned around and looking at the girl with malice, the car was already wound up.
The pride immediately vanished from Lena.
We left the city.
We drove about ten kilometers and turned off the road into the forest after driving another kilometer.
He muffled the engine, got out of the car, opened the back door.
I show with a nod that Lucy gets out of the car.
And she was all twisted into a bundle, pressed herself into the seat.
I grabbed my throat again and dragged me out of the car.
I throw on the grass.
He falls with a tear-stained face, looks at me in fright.
Roma and Lena creep out of the car.
– I think that you understand that we will not joke any further? Exactly a week later Lena told me that you shouldn’t give her a penny.

But if you delay, I will turn on the counter, and not only will you have to, but also to me.
Clear? – Yes.
– quietly said Lucy.
– We have not heard.
For all say that you understand the terms goat.
Do you understand? – Yes.
She said in a shaky voice.
– Yes, I understood everything.
– Lusia cried loudly, – Release me! – Already better.
The fact that you give the money, we realized.
And here, for having delayed for a long time, we must punish you.
And at the same time you will understand what awaits you, if you don’t give in time.
Roma and Lena stood nearby and watched.
– Undress.
– I said viciously.
– What for? – You did not hear? – I bent down and slapped Luce with all the power in the face.
The girl’s cheek immediately turned black.
She put her hand to her.
I raised my hand for the second strike.
Lucy understood everything and began to stick off her topic and skirt.
– A bra and underwear? – They, too? – stammering, said Lucy.
– You want me to cut them? – took out a pocket Swiss knife from his pocket.

The girl obediently undid the bra and pulled off her panties.
She sat with her palms over her private parts.
– What the fuck? Well, quickly got on his knees and straightened.
Roma, help her and hold her hands behind her back.
The girl was trying to resist the hands of Roma, but after another slap, she realized that she should not rock the gun.
I crouched in front of her.
Roma kept her behind.
Pretty good figure, boobs of the third size, slender legs.
ABOUT! As the nipples are swollen.
Took one, twisted.
Then another.
Squeezed hard.
Lucy’s face twisted, she bit her lip, groaned.
– What slut do you like? – I took her hair on the back of her head and brought her close to her face.
Then he pulled away from him and slapped a girl a couple of times on boobs.
– Painfully! Stop it, please.
I will give all the money.
– I know that you will give.
But that would remember, it is necessary to fix.
– With these words, I took hold of both Lucy’s breasts and squeezed them hard.

She moaned again with a grimace on her face.
I pressed for a long time, then I let go.
Breasts even a little blue.
I lowered my hand and put my palm between the legs of the girl.
It was wet there.
– To go nuts.
It’s wet there! – I told friends.
Then suddenly Lena stood up.
Looks at my lap of another girl caused her jealousy: – Stop touching her.
Better give it in her mouth.
She boasted to me that the minetchits was awesome.
– True? – I looked questioningly at Lucy.
She lowered her eyes.
– Well then.
Check it out.
– I got up and unzipped the pants right in front of the girl.
The member fell out of the panties when I lowered them and pants.
The head of the penis rested against her lips.
A pause, in a few seconds, while no one moves.
– Did you cheat on your friend? I have to wait a long time? Lucy gently opened her mouth, hugged the head of the penis with her lips and gently sucked.
– bolder, bolder.
– I commanded.
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