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The whistle of arrows from 12 bows.
Glitter flying in my direction a variety of knives.
The buzz of bullets from various weapons, forced to jump, the robber in my guise, to the height of a double human growth.
Quickly, I ran around the room in a circle, where along the wall, where along the ceiling, and where along the floor, handily handing out buttings, cuffs and cuffs with splints, I had to disarm the attackers.
Having dumped all the weapons in the center of the hall, I wondered where the Stone of Destiny lay.

One can see that he did not understand with whom he is dealing, the empty-handed crowd attacked me, intending to grab, tie up and interrogate me.
Having turned into a top with hands, elbows, knees and heels unexpectedly jumping out of there, I quickly laid the army in a horizontal position and, wishing everyone good night, I proceeded to the next rooms of the castle.
In one of them, a double-wing safe appeared on my gaze, on the doors of which, in large letters, there was a bright inscription: “Nostradamus Stone”.

Ignoring the fat man who was aiming at me from a 20-charging colt, the kidnapper headed for the safe.
Two Japanese, appearing simultaneously, right and left, tried to make me armless and headless scarecrow.
Taking away their weapons of military labor from them and sticking them into one’s right and the other into their left foot, they had to occupy them for a long time.
The fat man briskly began to press the trigger.
23-mm bullets, quite heaped behind me, getting into the floor, now into the walls, now into the ceiling.
I took the toy away from him and rather hurt it, clicking it on the nose with it, I wondered what code to open the three-wheel safe lock.
“You can kill me, but the code, I’ll take it with me to the grave,” weeping assured the hapless killer, wiping bloody snot.
– I need you, it hurts me, I’ll open it myself, live as a freak, – grinned a programmer in Assembler, Kobol and Fortran.
Twisting the wheels, I was amazed at the number of digits on each.

There were only six !? Six six, thirty six.
111, 112, 113, 114, 115, 116, 121.
231, 232, 233.
332, 333, the lock turned and turned.
Behind the door was a blue velvet, on which lay a piece of coal, gleaming with anthracite edges.
– Is this the notorious Nostradamus Stone? The stone of Destiny? Which lead many people hunt? – Yes, this is it.
Only two mortals know how it turns on.
Me and my daughter, – said, appearing because of the hiding curtains, the entrance to the side room, a gray-bearded tall man in a blue velvet jacket.
– Are you a father, Marie? Something does not seem to contain you here as a prisoner! Elder’s black thick eyebrows reached up: – Am I a prisoner? From what, you, took the young man.
Take the trouble to explain by what right, you broke into my house, destroyed the building, killed my guards and dogs, and took possession of the relic.
– Of course, I apologize, but your daughter said that the relic from you was stolen by your servants and is stored.

Why should I believe you? “Suddenly, realizing that everyone was deceiving me and this old man, probably, too.
“Unroll the rag and place the stone on the shifted palms,” the keeper demanded.
I fulfilled his demand, without fear.
Besides him and the fat man holding on to a broken nose, there was no one in the room.
“Kreks, pex, fex,” Father Marie sangly said.
A misty cloud formed around the stone.
Having dispersed, in it, the raging flame in the furnace was clearly visible and, my hand, which appeared from nowhere, threw a stone into the fire.
The image is gone.
“The stone must be destroyed,” I said, summing up.
– It’s impossible! For centuries this grandfather and great-grandfather passed on this relic to their sons.
– He showed it himself.
Have you seen?
! Where is the boiler room? – In the basement.
A procession of three people proceeded to the boiler room.
There, I opened the stove flap and threw the Stone of Destiny into the fire, without letting it come to my mind to the distressed audience.

Having burst into fun with colorful lights, the stone burned down and thus completed its last prediction.
Having chosen a more or less similar stone from the pile, I said goodbye to the owner, once again apologizing for the destruction of the castle.
It should be noted that none of his servants was seriously injured, except for the broken nose of a fat man and two limping Japanese.
Having made a couple of departing movements from the sharply honed guns of the furious fury, I caught her by the shoulders, having bent into a crustacean pose, slightly hitting her on a sweet ass, palm, saying: – You, too, were deceiving me.
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