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Sister snorted, I looked at her and thought.
– What about the money? – If you look from a financial point of view, the services of Alexander come out cheaper than three people, 60 thousand a month.
I threw and thought hard, a little thought made a decision.
– We choose Alexander.
Paul broke into a smile.

– Very well, by the way, there are pluses, our employees have no right to disclose anything related to their work to unauthorized persons.
In addition, Alexander never asks questions no matter what happens.
I threw, and took from his hands a stack of papers.
I dealt with the contract quickly, having signed and received an instance card in my hands, I left the office paying the amount for the first six months.
“And why did you hire a gay?” – My sister asked me when we entered the elevator.
– Do you have something against? – Actually, yes, I can not stand fagot! – Do not yell, be patient, it’s better than the crowd in the house.

She pouted and turned away.
On the way back we drove to the pharmacy, bought several packages of contraceptives, the seller took us wild eyes.
There was nobody at home.
My sister went somewhere, I had a little snack and went to look for her.
I found Katya on the second floor.
She was in one of the living rooms, lay on the bed and looked at the ceiling.
When I entered she turned her head towards me.
– Let it be my room, do you mind? – She asked looking into my eyes, I was not opposed and therefore nodded.
– No, live here.
– I agree to stay.
– And you have no choice – I grinned widely and sat down beside me.
She turned away, seemingly still painfully concerned with her helplessness.
I looked at my sister and caught myself thinking that I hadn’t fucked this bitch yet, so she still kicks.
I reached out and unbuttoned one button on my shirt, she turned her face towards me.
I lay on my side beside and propped up my head with my hand.

With the other hand, he unzipped the second button on her blouse.
She raised her hands but stopped.
– I.
I do not want – she said and tried to get up.
– And you have no choice.
I replied and forcefully pressed her into the bed.
Getting up quickly, I stepped over to her and knelt down.
She raised her hands, but I took them by the wrists and spread them to the sides and pressed them to the bed.
Leaning close to her face, I looked into her eyes.
– Do not twitch, but I will make you very painful – I whispered in her ear and squeezed her wrists with force, she screamed in pain.
– Do not.
I myself.
Tears flowed from his eyes.
I got off her and began to take off my shirt.
She sat down and took off her blouse, lifting her ass pulled off the Gothic and began to take off her tights.
I opened the bra and threw it on the floor.
My sister got off the bed and took off her panties.
I picked them up from the floor and picked them up.
– Open the mouth – I asked gently, she shook her head with swept away, then I took her hair and pulled it back.

She screamed and I closed the lace fabric in my open mouth.
She wanted to pull it out but I hit her hard on the chest.
Tears spilled from his eyes, and a grunt escaped from his neck.
I threw it on the bed, spread my legs and put it in.
I went into it abruptly, with one jerk on the very eggs.
She squealed through the gag and scored her hands for me, apparently it was painful.
I again grabbed her by the wrists and crucified her.
I dug it hard and not sparing, powerfully and sharply forcing to whine like a bitch.
After a couple of minutes, the water was wet, the sister began to flow.
I pushed her to the stop, she shuddered all over, tears flowed from her eyes.
I took her rudely and unceremoniously, obviously making her understand her place.
I finished weakly, the constant practice affects.
I let go of her hands, traces left on her wrists, tomorrow there will be bruises.
He stretched out his hand and stretched out her panties from her mouth, she curled up and wept, her shoulders trembled with sobs.

I got dressed and went out.
The kitchen was a mess, dishes in the sink, on the table, dirty glasses.
I drank directly from a pack of juice.
The doorbell rang, I went to open it with empty eggs and my head.
When I opened the door, on the threshold I saw a tall beautiful woman.
She stood and looked at me, I looked at the line of her hips and an impressive chest in the neckline.
– Do you want something? – I asked the red-haired beauty and just noticed a large suitcase on wheels.
– Hello Vladimir.
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