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Anna was forced to kneel on a chair, leaning her chest against the back.
The vagina immediately took in an elastic rod, thick enough for Anna to feel as he entered, bursting it from the inside and gasped against her will.
This feeling was repeated when the rod left it, and then squeezed again, pushing the narrow walls apart.
Kruglov stood in front of her face, carefully stroking her hair.
A minute later, when Denisov, having taken pleasure in the first moments and having mastered himself in her vagina, turned to rhythmic chiselling, concentrating on sensations in the penis, she saw how Kruglova’s hand unbuttoning her trousers in front of her nose.

Soon a large shiny head at the end of a sinewy trunk swung in front of her and, guided by a man’s hand, poked her lips.
Anna, having long understood that sooner or later, but today two men will fuck her, opened her mouth.
Now it had a full on both sides.
Everyone, driving a member, pulling at himself, forcing him to sway, squeaking with a chair.

They picked up such a rhythm that, without interfering with each other, they took turns stringing it all the way up to its bloated members.
– Can we move to the bed? – proposed Kruglov, fearing for the integrity of the increasingly loose chair.
Denisov nodded, and no one expected Anna to reply.
On the bed, Denisov lay down.
Anna was put on a sticking up to the ceiling, eerily shining with grease, a stake facing his feet, where Kruglov had time to undress, once again putting his cock in her mouth, settled down.
Denisov threw up her hips, forcing her to bounce even higher, so that when she fell down and down, in one instant she would completely put on a vagina on a thirsty person for that moment.
Anna did her best to squeeze the vaginal muscles in order to quickly bring him to orgasm.
Whether this helped, or just the time has come, but Denisov finally poured into it and subsided.
Kruglov immediately tipped her on her back, and leaned on top, stretching her legs to the sides.

Anna felt for a moment how helpless her crotch exposed to public view and in the next instant pierced her to the very depths of a hard, like stone, stake, which she brought with her lips to such a state.
She screamed and twitched under the powerful shocks of the man who had crushed her.
Kruglov fucked her, snorting quite and painfully nibbling her chest, and continued even after releasing sperm into her, gradually losing pace until she stopped and never pulled a member out of her.
This story happened on New Year’s Eve.
My wife Katya and I went to celebrate the holiday to her older sister Masha.
It happened that the festive libations at the festive table went at an accelerated pace and Masha and her husband Georgy were excited in their feelings, immediately after the battle of the chimes they sent to the central city square to communicate with the people.
Katya and I were left to ourselves and took turns taking a shower to get ready for amorous amusements.

At that moment the doorbell rings.
On the clock 01-30 approximately.
Katya is in the shower, I am going to open, on the threshold of a sporty appearance an unfamiliar man of about 30.
It appears, “Shamil”, says that the neighbor on the landing from the apartment opposite.
He was alone on a holiday, he was bored alone, and since he was familiar with our relatives, he decided to ask for a visit.
I invite.
Shamil goes to the hall, unloads brandy, fruit and raffaello from the bag.
From the soul of niglige returns at this moment Katya, who must be admitted was already in a fair amount of fun.
Shamil pretends not to notice the incident, she hands her a bouquet of flowers and congratulates them on the holiday.
Katya, instantly assessing the situation, approaches him closely and kisses.
I leave the apartment under the “left” pretext and leave to smoke on the landing.
Having smoked two light cigarettes that didn’t smoke at all, having endured a fair pause, I didn’t quietly thunder with entrance locks and return to the hall.

It is dark here, only the light from the TV and electric lights on the Christmas tree.
The sounds of the festive TV show drown out the sounds of what is happening.
And here everything is already very interesting: my own is sitting on Shamil’s lap (he is buried in an angle chair keeping all the entrances under observation).
He did not respond to my appearance – Katya apparently already explained what was happening.
Noticing my appearance with two wine glasses in the hands near them, Katya commanded: “Dear thanks, lick my pussy, I am all current.”
She turned and lay back on Shamil, spreading her legs, putting them high on the armrests.
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