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“More, faster,” she also abruptly controlled an obedient tool, then abruptly moved the pelvis up and literally planted on a finger that readily slid into the vagina.
Allowing him to massage himself from the inside, N.
returned to the previous position, giving P.
caress the clitoris.
This was repeated several times.

At a sharp turn, the driver had to break away from the excited partner, after shifting the gear, he greedily licked his fingers covered with her lubricant. Moaning from pleasure, he began to stroke her pussy again.
Turning on the already familiar country road, P.
drove a couple of hundred meters and stopped in the same hollow.
Now he had both hands.
But here, smiling slyly, P.
I took a black opaque bag from the top shelf, and with a gesture of a conjurer I extracted from it a vibrator bought the day before.
At N.
her eyes widened slightly, then she somehow very erotically moaned something unintelligible that P.
took for complete agreement with this turn of events.

The lover gently inserted the vibrator into the vagina and turned on the low speed.
His lips slid down his tummy, covered with a delicate cloth of a sundress, and kissed a mole on the pubis.
Suddenly N.
, feeling the lever, put the seat, moved up on it and finally spread its legs wide, giving room for the partner’s hands and mouth.
He, tinkering, got comfortable and began to suck the lips then lick the clitoris, then touch the tongue into the vagina, feeling the vibration of the phaloimmiter.
Turning on higher speed P.
I started to massage the vagina with the vibrator and with the mouth everything else.
firmly took his hand and began to direct it, setting the rhythm and depth of input toys.
Moans began to mix with loud breathing, becoming ever more rhythmic and louder.
“More, more,” she breathed, and finally squeezed her hand holding the vibrator, and gave it strongly.
Her body began to shake the contractions in the lower abdomen, the clitoris rhythmically shuddered, and twitched, she kept her hand with a vibrator inside and moaned loudly.

stopped caressing her, and just enjoyed the magical view of large, swollen and shiny lips, pearls of the clitoris lurking between them, slightly covered with postpartum scars of the vagina, and suddenly they became so sweet to him, so dear to him, that he again pressed his lips to this rose and felt as waves of orgasm subside, as cramps become weaker and less frequent, until they subside altogether.
He carefully took out the toy, turned it off and unexpectedly licked the juice of his girlfriend with her, and he was so pleasant and sweet that he again attacked the hot open mouth of the vagina, introduced his tongue as deeply as he could and began to lick the pretty tip from the inside.
Well, that’s enough for the first time – gently, but persistently averted the head of her lover N.
You just want everything right away, do not hurry, leave in reserve for the next time, – she smiled, knowing that he will certainly be, this next time, because this one is sometimes funny, sometimes too intrusive, and sometimes a very cute guy liked her more and more .

I will let you know when I am ready for everything – N. promised firmly.
and P.
believed her immediately and unconditionally.
“Between the saying and the fairy tale” P.
was just overflowing with energy, joy, already glowing, N.
on the contrary, the closer they approached the house, the more sad and worried her face became, and then her husband’s call — and she drooped down.
From the one that literally 5 minutes ago was moaning with pleasure, nothing remained, just a sad beauty sat next to her, outwardly very similar to that liberated and courageous priestess of love, but where she was thinking she didn’t know, yes, she probably won’t know no one.
From the face of P.
a blissful smile slowly slipped too, he could not understand what was wrong.
We walk on the ground, and we can not break away from it, the flight ends in a fall.
And the higher it took off – the stronger the ground hits you when meeting it.
– slowly, with the arrangement said N.
somehow tired, in a gray voice, “It hurts a lot,” she added quietly, looking straight ahead.

there was no trace of joy either.
He tried to catch her eye, but she stubbornly looked at the road, apparently not wanting anyone to see or hear anything.
I tried to talk about something else, such as distracting her, but the armor of alienation hardened in her eyes, the woman’s voice became dry and ringing.
I realized that today he had accomplished the greatest folly – he took what he had not deserved yet by deception, and scolded himself, his egoism and self-confidence.
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