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High school students burst out laughing.
– Decided to keep up with Alyosha? – Natasha asked pissing boy mockingly, – Compete with him, who will start up a fountain above? Everyone laughed again.
– Such a funny trickle, – smiled Olya.
“How did you turn red,” she nodded with a smile at Kolya.
“It’s okay,” Lena smiled sweetly to the boy lying in front of her, “Don’t be shy.”

Just think pee.
It happens to everyone.
Kids often trickle during children’s procedures.
“Special boys,” added Natasha.
“I also heard that such confusions happen only with boys,” Masha smiled.
Natasha took a quick look at her watch.
– What are you looking at Lenin boy? – she turned to Ole with Ira, – Have you ever seen a children’s fountain? Alyosha has recently demonstrated to everyone.
The elder nurse began to tell Ole and Ira how to smear the children with baby oil.
– Put your finger in the ass, do not be afraid, – she said to Ole, – Yeah, like that.
Now twist.
And do not rush to remove.
– How dissatisfied, – Olga smiled, looking at Dima lying in front of her, – It seems that now she is crying.

“And you try to cheer him up,” Natasha grinned.
– In the sense of cheer? – Olya asked in surprise.
“Well, make me laugh,” Natasha smiled.
– I doubt that with a finger in the pope will laugh, – said Olga.
“How it will be,” Natasha grinned. “Well?” Tell you how to make a child laugh? – How? – smiled Olga.
– Tickling! – Natasha laughed, – No, do not remove a finger from the priests – just tickle the other four testicles.
Yeah, like that.
See how he immediately kicked his feet.
Now she starts to laugh.
– Really laughs! – Olya giggled, – Well, probably enough? And then, as Lenkin boy, let a trickle.
Olya took out a finger from Dima.
– Well, everywhere anointed? – asked tenth grader Natasha, – Wear them diapers with pantyhose.
The nannies quickly dressed the boys and removed them from the changing tables, after which Lena handed each child a second bottle of juice.
– free! – the head nurse announced the boys after a couple of minutes, making sure everyone drank the juice.

“An interesting change came up,” smiled Olya, when the boys left, “First Alyosha let out a fountain at Natasha, then Kolya at Lena.
– I specifically tickled him to let a trickle, – Lena admitted, – I wanted to check whether this technique works for everyone.
– Of course at all, – said Natasha, – Provided that the child wants in a small way.
Tickling by itself does not cause a urge to urinate.
She just does not give him long to endure.
– So that’s what’s the matter, – Lena drawled, – Kohl leaves, and without tickling, he wanted very little.
“They constantly want to write with us,” Natasha grinned. “Because I add diuretic to my milk and juice.”
Do you think we just give them these baby bottles to them? You will see how wet they will be at the next break.
Especially new.
There is enough to make it once to start the fountain, lying on the changing table – and stubbornness immediately disappears.
I can imagine how the whole lesson will diligently blow into the diaper.

Everyone laughed.
Natasha was right – for the next break Aleshin the diaper was so swollen that the boy could hardly walk in it.
“What a plump pampers,” Ira smiled, pulling tights off Alyosha on a desk.
– Yeah, this time I pulled a full diaper, – said Olya.
“And I told you that at the last break,” Natasha grinned, “Probably the whole lesson, without ceasing, was drenching it.”
High school students began to wipe the children with wet wipes.
This time, Natasha didn’t have to suggest anything to the new nurses, because everyone was doing the procedure correctly.
Otherwise, everything was exactly the same as at the last break: Olya was busy with the child in silence, Ira quietly giggled, and Lena was snooping with her boy as if she were a baby.
“Try this time Vaseline,” suggested Natasha, when three tenth-graders, having finished wiping the children with napkins, gathered to smear them with baby oil.
New nannies agreed and began to smear the boys in front of them with petroleum jelly.

This time, not only Lena, but the other tenth-graders, too, frankly teased their boys tickling.
Best of all, as usual, turned out to be Lena.
Unlike Olin and Irina, the boys who fidgeted and dodged, her Sasha constantly jerked with his bare legs.
“He’s like a helicopter,” Natasha appealed to Lena with a laugh, “Let him go and fly away.”
The girls laughed together.
– Who lies on the back and jerks his naked legs, – Lena smiled, sliding her fingers along Sasha’s testicles, – Little Sashulya? Be patient, little hare.
Just a little left.
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