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however, Syava — an implacable fighter against perverts — could hardly agree unconditionally with this last thought.
Saying all this, he gradually undressed and finally took off his pants, being completely naked.
After that, he sank back into the chair and began to calmly caress his penis, sipping from time to time from the bottle and looking at me.
I was horrified to see his cock swell in front of my eyes, but I did not know what to say to him.
I was really excited that I was wearing women’s stockings, and I really liked porn with a strap-on.

But what is really there – I myself often fantasized how this very strapon goes in my own ass.
But I never brought these fantasies to reality.
Once, taking a shower, I curiously tried to shove a soaped finger in the butt, but immediately refused this idea – it was too painful.
So all the dreams of a real strap-on had to be left.
Not to mention the real male member, which was a completely separate story.

Or not?.
On the laptop screen, meanwhile, gay porn was in full swing – I was sure that Oleg had calculated all this in advance.
A slender, attractive boy would enjoy his ass with another boy.
He confidently entered him from behind, gently kissing his lover on the shoulders, neck and lips.
I saw a member of a condom dressed in a smoothly shaved butt gradually sinking into a condom, as the boy blinked with pleasure, taking caresses, and suddenly I felt that it turned me on.
I realized that I myself was in the same room with a naked homosexual, or bisexual, besides being quite pretty and already pretty excited, and that I myself, tightly bound, could not stop him from doing anything to me.
He was already approaching me, and I saw his huge, terrible and incredibly seductive member approaching my face.
– Want him? – he asked, smiling.
Having collected the remnants of the will, I shook my head.
“Come on, come on,” he said, squatting next to me.
– I see what you want.

He began to gently stroke my own penis, and I already covered my eyes with pleasure.
I felt the warmth of his body, heard the oohs and ahs of the admiring guys from the laptop and felt how with every movement of his hand on my penis my resolution melts without a trace.
He rose again to his feet and, moving close to me, put his hand on my latex-covered top.
Looking into his eyes, I realized what was about to happen, but did not even think to resist.
Slowly and carefully he plunged his dick into my mouth, and I timidly touched his tongue.
Now I will suck the guy flashed through my head.
In my mouth is a real male member! The member was elastic and hot, and, contrary to my expectations, it did not smell like urine and other filth.
Oleg began to make shallow, soft movements, and I, unable to close my mouth, began eagerly to explore his penis with his tongue.
“Aw, okay,” he breathed faintly, stroking my head.
– You’re my good.

Without understanding anything and closing my eyes, I surrendered to the will of sensations.
I sucked a member of a stranger guy, tied, naked, in stockings and a mask, and it excited me until I lost consciousness.
Clamps on the nipples jingle chained, delivering a light, but pleasant in its own way pain.
Somewhere in the depths of me was growing a new, but strong feeling — the desire to make this member pleasant, mixed with my own helplessness.
Probably, this is how a woman feels, ready to surrender to her lover.
A few minutes later he suddenly took the penis out of my mouth, and, grabbing my waist and strut between my legs, sharply pulled me up.
I did not even have time to understand what was happening, but I quickly realized what was happening when I was on the bed.
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