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Toka, you keep quiet, I understand! —And then I told Svetka you patted my Irka’s ear and washed off.
From bitch !.
After lunch, we decided to slowly three of us flee to the river, so that the grandmother did not see (she was afraid that we would drown).
Irka (prudent) wore a swimsuit, and Svetka and I swam in what I was in family shorts, and she in white shorts and T-shirt.
When, having splashed enough, to the blue, we got out of the water — the wet squirrel at Svetka became completely transparent and did not hide anything! Her patty covered with wet panties was so delicious.

Irka changed her clothes in the bushes, but Sveta and I both went into the wet home and, so that the grandmother didn’t detect our campaign, we had to change our clothes urgently. How do i take a picture with my webcam.