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But I knew the true reason for this behavior, I calmly looked at her with unbelievable eyes, and she seemed to understand that this look was nothing, it was so.
After a couple I abruptly got up and went to the exit, she just looked with full tears after me, but I had a fuck, I just went out.
I didn’t go to her next class either, and after that my classmates told me that the couple was just awful, Daria Sergeyevna, it’s not clear why, she was wildly angry, she’s filled up with some homework, and arranged a complicated test.
And this was already what we needed, so I was able to bring it to almost the maximum, which can be squeezed out of the situation.
On the same day, I received a very interesting message from Darya Sergeyevna.

The letter was very curious and rather long, therefore I will fully cite it below.
Dear, why are you torturing me so much, you just can’t imagine how I live after our then incident, especially after you ordered me not to stop until our next meeting, you can’t even imagine what I have to think of in order to once again to deprive her husband, and even sex itself, from the mere thought of erotic content, I begin to flow like a virgin.

Every day, when I go to bed, I imagine how we meet, how I gently take your dick into my hot mouth, gently sit on it, then pull the tongue from the very bottom to the head, and then completely sit on it, like you my hair, you start to speed up the pace and frankly fuck me in the mouth like the last slut, then you lie down, and I sit on top of you, and start to jump hard on your so beautiful and desirable penis, as you frantically crack my hole, and I shudder in violent ecstasy, I get more powerful is your orgasm in your life.
I ask, no, I do not ask, I rather beg you to finally stop being so stern and fuck me, for that I’m ready to crawl to your house on my knees, just let me do it.
Yeah, it was already a confession of a fallen woman who wants only one to be torn off as follows, so that after an orgasm, she can only barely crawl into bed and collapse into oblivion.
I’m still a sadist, so it’s not good to mock a girl, it’s very interesting to see her husband’s reaction when she refuses him again, I wonder why, after two weeks, he no longer took her and didn’t fuck off hard ?

When I read the letter, through the screen it felt like when she was typing she slowly began to get her panties wet, how she timidly stretches a pen to them, she already penetrates to the cherished lips, how she immediately remembers me and sharply pulls her hand off, and as she drives away I thought about what I was writing, trying to concentrate, during the reading I immediately grew a bump in my underpants, and I realized that it was time to move on to active actions.
But not what she was asking I was going to do, before that, I decided to bring it to the peak for the last time, to the point, just to the peak of despair, as she, seeing my last mockery, just languishes from torment and wild, unbridled desire, how, biting her beautiful red lips, she is fascinated by watching me get up.
Yulia Alexandrovna recently worked at the university, she just recently graduated from the institute, and got a job as an assistant in the Russian language at our university.

It was a young, beautiful girl, low, medium build, with medium chest size, perky laughter and eyes black as pitch, it was my eyes that attracted her, they were fascinating, and I constantly told her that she could easily to manipulate people with the help of her eyes, but she always joked off, not believing my words.
I immediately had friendly relations with this teacher, I don’t know why, but we communicated more closely than other students and teachers, I could easily sit at her table in the canteen and keep her company, she didn’t mind, and we are cute chatted.
At the university, of course, there was a set of rules where it appeared that there could not be any familiar relations between teacher and student, but she didn’t care, just like me, she was a young, carefree girl who had just really entered adulthood.
After a couple of months of our communication, I, greatly emboldened, invited her to the cinema, and she, to my complete surprise, easily agreed, I was a little stunned after her positive answer, because I knew that she liked the guys I I don’t get in any way, to which she replied that she wouldn’t lose anything from going to the cinema, but only get a charge of new emotions.

After one movie there was another one, then several walks around the city, and finally, I slept with her, it happened quite unexpectedly for me, I just followed her after another walk, after which she invited me to her home, there I took her, sex was just awesome, we tried a lot of things during the night, she loved experimenting in sex, I basically didn’t mind too, and got a lot of new impressions.
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