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I stop having it.
We kiss.
She rides her ass on my dick and twists her ass on my dick.
With my own hands, I wrap the delicate body of Alektra.
From me, she does not expect anything extraordinary.

But in her eyes, I see surprise when, without taking out a member, I move into another position with her.
I lay her back on the floor.
Alexandra puts her legs on my shoulders.
I, kissing her legs, resume movement with the pelvis.
My hands mock her breasts, squeezing her and pulling her nipples.
Blue fingers indulges himself, caressing the clitoris.
From her mouth comes a loud moan of orgasm.
And from the vagina rapidly poured juice.
I do not notice this, because Blue lies on his back and nothing depends on it.
Keep moving.
Sharply take out a member of her priests and dramatically introduce it into the vagina.

I start rudely and cruelly to have it.
Blue is resting.
Resumes his breath.
Then I take out my dick and insert it into Blue’s ass.
Then the vagina.
Again pop.
Again the vagina.
Pop up again.
Then the vagina.
Booty again.
Again the vagina.
Booty again.
And pop up again.
Stop this mockery of her crotch.
Alektra Blue becomes her knees.
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In 30 years, Nicholas had already divorced.
Life with my wife did not work out, since Nikolai lived in a small provincial town.
His wife demanded money from him, but there was no big money in the province, so Nikolai was unable to provide all his wife’s requests.
He was not a bad family man, he tried to do everything to save his family, but, alas, the bitter truth of modern life did his job, they divorced.
Since there was little work in the town, Nikolay decided to go and try his luck in Moscow, especially not so far from home to the capital, and many residents of the town went there to earn money.

One acquaintance of Nikolai worked in security and advised him to get a security guard, especially since the security company needed people, but the salary was not bad and the work didn’t strain much, and the most important thing was not to rent accommodation in Moscow, otdezhuril their 5 days, and 5 days went home.
Previously phoned to employers, Nikolai went to Moscow.
He was immediately lucky, he was sent to protect the office of the company, which was located in the center of Moscow.
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