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For some time I disconnected and somewhere in the far felt blows inside me.
When I opened my eyes, I saw that there was no longer a new guy in me, but the first partner – he more gently entered me, a new guy stood in front of him and deeply immersed his cudgel in a friend’s mouth, and before my eyes swelled with desire, stood a member husband
I lovingly took it in my mouth.
We started to finish at the same time – the sperm appeared from the mouth of the old guest, apparently filling his mouth to the brim, I swallowed my husband’s sperm, and in my pussy she was no less.
The boys collapsed on the bed, making pectoral sounds – the sounds of stallions.

While the guys were retreating, my husband leaned his cock wet from sperm to my anus and put him in on the very eggs – this was not enough for me and I gladly went to meet him.
The boys quickly returned to service – the old guest got up on all fours and began to lick my pussy in time with my husband’s dives, and the new one got behind the giant and brought this unit into the partner’s ass.

During this day, they visited me all, alternating holes.
I felt tired and exhausted already towards evening, when a new guest decided to visit my back opening – he managed to enter his mushroom half and here I felt discomfort and suspended it: “I’m done enough guys today, I can’t breathe,” I breathed.
We stopped and tired of sex sat down to drink wine.
It was night ahead, and I realized that I alone could not cope with this gang of sexual monsters, and the guys apparently dispersed in earnest, especially my husband !!! I decided to make a proposal for an additional subject of their delight in the form of another woman – my proposal was accepted with delight and I made my proposal.
But more about that in the next story.
In addition, I would like to say that this first experience was so stormy that all subsequent meetings, already with couples, were more relaxed, but no less interesting.

I will be glad to hear the offer from couples and will be happy to share our stories.
After visiting the urologist.
The wife was interested in the prostate massage procedure.
And as an argument, we will save the family budget, I myself can give you a massage, but I’m afraid.
Let’s go to the doctor and he will show.
We go to the doctor and tell the problem.
The doctor agrees.
Moreover, the tests are bad.
Well, the young man says, lower your pants and stand on the couch like last time, and the lady puts on a glove and richly lubricates fingers with cream.
The doctor spread my bread and my wife inserts one finger, massages it, then the other.
– Deeper penetrate with your fingers, so feel the vein to the lower abdomen.
Here it is necessary to massage.
Easy at first.
Then rougher.
You will see that the husband will flow from the end.
This is good, as the woman has the clitoris, so the man has the prostate.

Massaging her you start him and he will flow like a woman.
And then sharper and deeper, but do not let him finish.
So massage for about 30 minutes.
After that, they send me to the toilet, to drag.
To consolidate, come, says the urologist, after tomorrow at the end of the working time.
Well, I ask.
-I do not even know what to say.
– Let’s go again.
-If you want, then yes.
And here we are at the reception.
I am again driven to the couch, put on cancer, spread my legs and put my fingers.
Feel really flow.
On the channel member pours lubrication.
– Well, the doctor says.
Go on.
He is well.
Take the eggs with your second hand.
And I really feel good.
Directly to the heat lech clung.
I take care.
I don’t dislike.
Then I feel that something is moving.
I look between my legs, and there the urologist sees my wife’s back and stands with her hands under her dress.
I was stunned.
My worth and not soprativlyaetsya
I do not know what to do.

Urologist – Well, that’s good.
Go on yet.
The longer, the better.
I tensed.
The doctor – Do not strain, relax.
I feel my wife towards me somehow sucks my hand.
I sit on her fingers to meet her booty.
Doctor – Very good at it.
Go on.
I look, and he feels (invisibly) thrust mine.
It is worth the back of his wife, his hands on his wife’s ass and to the fullest, he sticks his eggs at the most.
My bit afraid to move, but breathing heavily.
I think what’s next.
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