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Kazakh was a virgin.
Sholpan took off the sexual tension once a week, on weekends, when she was engaged in masturbation.
At the same time, the Kazakh woman was very excited and reached orgasm when she imagined herself a captive of a gang of perverted girls.
It was her fantasy, but now this fantasy has come true.
Nina approached Natasha, who was on her knees and watched Masha caress Sholpan.

– See how your girlfriend tries? Ninka squatted down, looked Natasha in the eye.
– Girls, I came up with something.
Let this bitch be lying down now a Kazakh woman, and we will see how an Asian woman ends! A wall was built along the wall.
Sholpan untied his hands, led to the Swedish wall.
The bandits raised Sholpan’s arms above her head and tied them to the crossbar.
A beautiful naked girl, stripped down to her trousers, a young Kazakh woman with her hands tied above her head looked at how Natasha crawled on her lap to her.

Marinka went to the Kazakh woman, put her hand inside her pantalon and slowly stroked the genitals of the prisoner.
Kazakh woman flinched, closed her eyes and groaned.
Marinka pulled the pantaloons from the Kazakhs.
The bandits untied Natasha’s hands, and now she, in some thin panties, was kneeling in front of Sholpan and whispered: – Sholpan Maratovna! Pretty! Forgive me! They make me do it! Sholpan recalls: “I understood that Natasha was being forced to do this, and I thought that it would be better if Natasha would do it than these girls.
Natasha clasped my thighs with her hands, slightly pulled back her inner lips and spread them gently to the sides, moistened her tongue, stretched out her neck and gently touched the tip of my tongue to my genitals.
From under the tender folds of the pink genital lips, the clitoris slowly protruded, the head of which was swollen with intense excitement.
My pubic hair is wet.

Natasha rotated her hot tongue on the head of the clitoris, and I almost went crazy with such pleasure.
I moaned harder and harder.
Besides, Masha’s gentle caresses woke my sexual desire. ”
The Kazakh woman looked at Masha, who was kneeling next to her with her hands tied behind her back.
Masha and Sholpan looked each other in the eyes, and this caused Sholpan so strong excitement that Sholpan squeezed Natasha’s head more strongly from the approaching orgasm.
The naked body of the captive was shook by the strongest orgasm.
Sholpan bowed her head to her chest and cried.
Part 7
Humiliation from memories Sholpan Damirovna distracted the creaking of the door.
Ninka and Verka entered the room, holding bags of food and bottles of vodka in their hands.
For your money, bitch, we got a good outfit.
Now we will devour, and then we will deal with you! – Ninka said in a hoarse, smoky voice.
I haven’t been fucking such well-groomed fillies like you for a long time – Verka went up to Sholpan Damirovna and painfully kicked the lady with the toe of her dirty, battered sneakers on the leg.

And what was Lyazzat long ago? Said Oksanka, who was carefully arranging food and vodka on a wooden table.
So Lyazzat, a good chick, and this bitch! Beautiful, really, very, but a bitch.
I feel, I, girls, that she is a bitch.
Sholpan Damirovna lowered her head, trying to hide the tears that filled her face.
Muffled sobs shook the body of a business woman.
She understood that life punishes her for all her sins.
The criminals began to have dinner, and the food was washed down with vodka.
Satisfied, drunk and satisfied criminals approached the lady who looked at them with fear.
Oksanka and Verka grabbed Sholpan Damirovna under her elbows, set her on her feet.
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