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To be continued.
Irina sighed briefly, her consciousness gradually returned to her, and she noted with some surprise that, in addition to the stone member who filled her ass utterly, something else, not so big, but gentle and skillful, continues to torment her defenseless groin.
“Yes, I haven’t finished like this for a hundred years,” she said timidly, without raising her eyes to her sister.
– Well, here is the clever girl: – she gently said in response, making a sign to their common partner that it was worthwhile to continue.
He nodded knowingly, gently removed the petrified penis from Irina’s rastroking ass and carefully brought the head of his unit closer to the woman’s large, disgusting lips, running out of juices.

Olesya’s tongue froze for a second and began to work again, obviously, already more familiar and pleasant than the “pink” games: deftly and gently licking the surround trunk and to the obscenely huge head of an unfamiliar to her even the taste of guns.

He grimaced at the not quite expected caress and, obeying Tanya’s imploring gaze, raised the trunk of his penis with his palm – Olesya frowned with his young forehead – and poked the swollen head in Irina’s groin.
The woman gasped shortly and with her last strength lifted her luxurious ass as high as possible.
Her partner’s formidable weapon confidently stuck into a female groin that was flowing out with juices, and after a second she was strung on his stone penis like a chicken on a spit, but I don’t want to.
At this very moment, the girl who joined the holy trinity, without thinking twice, sucked into her clearly not sinless mouth the clitoris of a woman who was going crazy with pleasure.
Irina started again as if from electric shock: Olesya’s naughty tongue was busy with the tip of her intense clitoris, and the head of the man’s ossified penis had already reached the threshold of the uterus and mercilessly dug her defenseless groin, not knowing tired and misfires.

In the meantime, the only man in this vicious company once again strung Irina onto his gun until the skin squeaks on her buttocks, heartlessly pulled the penis out of her hot and moist vagina and poked the swollen head into the open, not closing little ring of the female anus.
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