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And another week! And further! I was already mourning, and even began to forget about the announcement, when suddenly a letter arrived.
So began the story that I would call it And all this for two mugs of beer! He wrote Moskvich, often on business with us, promised to see you soon.
It was laconic.
Of course, I understand that whatever the hotel is cool is still a hotel, and here you are waiting for a friend, constant and loyal! Cool! But he was my first correspondent and I answered him! Correspondence did not start, but of course he did not receive a refusal! Then he arrived, but I really had no time, so I expressed him only a written regret.
Then he came again, but I had to leave with my wife in a holiday home, and I honestly told him that we only had one evening.

Agreed, meet! Imagine a boulder two meters tall, with a Swedish beard, belly and shorts, and it was summer! I myself am not small, but next to it! We walked around the center, I played the role of a rather poor guide, then settled down in a cafe, where he treated me to Dutch beer.
With such bundles of money with which his local representative office supplied it, it was not difficult and unimportant.
Of course, I took my own just in case, but there would be enough of them except for a sip of this Black, velvet! Battered, Moskvich began to talk about himself, talked about his many foreign trips, about his career.
Then I took him by taxi to the hotel.
Moskvich offered to go to a restaurant at the hotel.
I didn’t break very much, well, simply because after the next rugachki I didn’t really go home.
He refused dinner, referring to the fact that he was full, he regretted his money.
Another drank vodka.
He offered to go up to the room.
Why go? Yes, out of curiosity, out of politeness, from complete indifference. Webcam tube sites.