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Coming out of the bathroom, I see that the first selection plot, which is not particularly interesting to me, comes to an end, and Alex is already lying on the sofa, having lowered his shorts and strokes his cock that has reared under the net of tights.
– Do not disturb? – looking out from behind the doorjamb, I ask an ernistic question, his hand twitches and freezes.
– No, that you.
How is it going in the bathroom? – he retorts.
– I see that you liked what you saw, so I want to repeat what will now be shown, and I hope you will not mind, but then I wait for the response service.

– Of course, whatever you want, I am at your disposal.
– Then keep lying buttoning shorts, and just look at me, that’s all you need.
The plot of the second video was familiar to me by heart.
I smile and put my foot in the doorway, slowly lifting it, while reclining, holding back the door handle.
The same action takes place now on the screen, only on the heroin, unlike me, only a blue peignoir and a belt with stockings are worn.

Alex looks at me, occasionally bending his eyes to the screen, he is clearly turned on by what is happening.
When my hair touches the floor I shake my head, and abruptly returning to a stable position, I make several turns around the axis (oh, and for a long time I had to rehearse it, and how many blows to the handle and the door itself survive), I find myself near the sofa.
A few shoals with shaking hair (on the screen it’s more effective there is hair below the shoulders, not just my square, but it will do as well).
And here I am on all fours already crawling on the sofa, and stretching out my hands slowly I spend them on the rearing shorts.
The fingers undo the clasp and iron the flesh-covered flesh by pulling down the silver fabric below.
I sit down on Alex’s outstretched legs and bend the tip of my tongue along the trunk upwards.
Here is finally what was expected and scrolled in thoughts for a long time – I feel the taste of someone else’s member – it is pleasant, slightly salty with a slight taste of lubricant and teasing, inviting to try it again.

Pulling down and pantyhose, with excitement rounding his mouth and pressing tightly covering their head, the tip of the tongue trembling while touching the urethra.
Raising my head and trying not to let out the treasure covered by my lips, I look at my partner while my tongue walks across the surface accessible to him, and my hands stroke his sides and stomach, and gradually I try to spread my mouth as much as possible.
It can be seen that he is very pleased with what is happening, his eyes are slightly covered, and his lips are trembling, holding back the quickening breath.
Behind the screen, I know the same thing is happening.
Having played, thus, some time, and having convinced that the peak of pleasure in this game is reached by Alex, I pass to sucking.
Eldak filling my mouth then fills it, it completely releases the breath, and creates new sensations, like me and him.
He groans, and then I feel the heat and the feeling of wet grease flowing down my tongue, then friction and fullness, mumbling a little and fidgeting with my tense member with the panty-tight fabric over my tights-covered legs, which gives me additional pleasure.

And finally, unexpectedly for me, the dick half in my mouth explodes with a stream of hot milk spouting out and filling all the free volume.
Alex’s hands are wrapped around my head, and I can’t break free, having to accept the whole portion, which the cock twitched in my mouth deigned to shoot.
Plus, I unexpectedly understand that my member, too, sandwiched between Alex’s upholstered legs, is also a member who has just got rid of the surplus, which has already soaked all the triangle embroidered with flowers, and from the corner of her lips there is saliva mixed with sperm. demonstratively I get off my knees and head for the door.
“Hey, where are you going?” “Dress.
“Sorry, what’s wrong?” “I didn’t really like what happened just now.”
What could you not how there? Was it difficult to even let go? – poking in the direction of the screen where just close up show the finished and happy face of the “heroine”.

“Sorry, it was so good for me that I didn’t even look at what’s next,” he says with an apologetic voice, sincerely that I decide to forgive.
Web cam hogs breath saloon.